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For a previous clan I was in, I used to do something I called Snapshots. I would take a Screenshot of one player and do a little write-up about what Items they were wearing. I would maybe do this one player per month or just every so often. Just wondering if there is any interest for me to do that here.

If so, I could meet up with players on the Toj. Server at any time that works out to get a pic of their favorite Loadout! Wear your Favorite Hat, Misc., and Favorite Weapon to use! Even if you have no Hats or Misc. Items, I could write about your Stock Weapons of choice or your Favorite Stock Taunt. It would only take a few seconds to get a good pic. Then I'd start researching all their Items and post the finished write-up here.

Another reason I like doing these is to foster players getting to know each other. Sometimes you'll start to recognize people by the Class they love to play or their Favorite Hat or Weapon. So, whatcha think? Who's game?

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I think I can manage a classic Gerbil loadout (I think I posted some of these on fish back when).
I present to you...

The Flavor Bandito!


"Flavor Bandito" is the mascot for "Pyros" brand breakfast cereal. With it's spicy napalm, flaming marshmallows and crunchy tinder kids can hardly resist! Armed with his flavor grenades Flavor Bandito is always trying to grab some by pretending to be a "Flavor Inspector". He has a badge but doesn't need no stinking badges to steal some Pyros!

Mix up some breakfast heartburn of your own with Flavor Bandito's hot ensemble of...
Old Guadalajara
License to Maim
Professor's Pineapple's_Pineapple
I'd be down for this. I could break out my trolldier (troll soldier) build for the occasion.