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I have not heard form anyone of performance problems but I wanted to check in with the community to double check. CGA has a rather large footprint but with the Xenforo software package the resource usage was and continues to be astonishingly low. Feel free to pm me if you notice any kind of performance or connectivity problems..:)

The Mighty Gerbil

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Nothing right now but sometime ago, can't remember if it was 1 or 2 weeks ago or what, I could not get the site to load. It was like late night, central time, because I pm'ed Tek on Steam asking about it and he had already gone to bed I think. I think it was a Friday, or less likely a Tuesday, because Tek had been online earlier. Anyway it persisted for at least 15 minutes and then I had to go to bed so it could have lasted longer. All other sites worked fine so it wasn't me.

I'm not complaining at all. Site runs great 99.9 percent of the time so you don't need to hunt down anything. If anything I was wondering if it was a DDoS. It's just you asked if there were any issues so I told you.