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We're getting a new playable species! Altaholics rejoice!

I was just reading through some info for the new "Customization" patch, and along with the new playable Cathar species it sounds like we'll be able to change character appearance (including race) through a new vendor. In light of that, I may start a new alt now and just change the species to Cathar later on.

So far I'm planning to make a Cathar gunslinger - possibly also a vanguard.

I found some info about the patch here
Bioware video revealing the new stuff
Yeah, sorry I didn't post this yesterday.

You have to use Cartel Coins, but you will be able to play Cathar, change your appearance, change the color of your gear and change guild and character names all for a price naturally.

No server transfers yet which disappoints me greatly.
We're overdue for server transfers. I'm glad we'll be able to change appearance, though. That was also overdue.