Can I? How do I?


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Hi all,

I played years ago with Redeemed on Stonemaul, then left WoW for a while. I re-upped my subscription this weekend but would rather play on a PvE server... like with you all! :) I made a baby paladin named Salu. May I join The Forgiven?

Tekton (Stonemaul)

Neirai the Forgiven

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The normal procedure (at least when I was last around) works something like this:

1) Log into your character on Terenas.
2) Type /who "The Forgiven"
(the quotes are necessary to filter out other guilds with similar names)
3) Ask around for an officer.
4) Answer a few questions including, but not limited to, mailing a hand-written, double spaced, fully punctuated essay on the subjects of theology and gaming to three separate undisclosed locations.
(I'm joking)