Bible Study Not on hold


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I am going to write up the lessons for the Bible study, as a Bible college student its something i want to do just so i have a resovior of sermons/lessons available. this way i can write them and we can use them instead of them sitting in the corner doing nothing. Topics/suggestions on what you would like to see/hear also what you feel the community needs please responde and let me know. expect the first lesson by sept 15th.
Thanx for the input LoJ. I have raised it with the council and they will be discussing it in their meeting tonight also.
There was no council meeting. I am putting the project on hold. I would still like you to write up your studies though. If you can type them and email them to me too that would be a help so i have a base to start with once we get some volunteers.
no rizz how dare you want me to do work so you can keep it for yourself i will by no means do that for you...... its in the mail:p