BF3- Who's in?


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Just pre-ordered BF3 the other day. I decided to get it on PC over Xbox because I just have a feeling it'll work better. But I'm hoping they put out a demo so I can test it out on my system.

I'm wondering who else is getting this. Half the fun of playing online is getting a good group together for it. If there aren't too many ToJ people and a bunch of my friends get it for Xbox, I may switch my pre-order over to the Xbox version. I'd like to see this chapter get back up and running. It was good back in the BF2 days. I'd be willing to consider being a lead for it if no one else steps up (but that'll depend on what my workload is like when the game comes out).
I'm in the UK but I plan on playing a good bit of BF3. I think PC will be mote intense but I'm willing to play whichever platform others play :)
If I remember correctly, the PC version will support 64-player matches while the console versions will only support 24-player matches.

I'd be surprised if we don't revive the Battlefield Chapter shortly before or after Battlefield 3 releases, but it all depends on whether or not a member in good standing volunteers to lead the chapter. And whether or not we rent a server will depend on how many members are willing to donate monthly to cover the expense.
Maybe. It does have two strikes against it though. 1. Yet Another Military Shooter, and 2. No Steam.
I'm definitely getting this, it's part of the reason I got made a new rig. That said, I'm really irritated by this no Steam nonsense they seem to have going on. They're releasing quite possibly their biggest game of the year, why would they give up part of the market by not using Steam? It's especially bad when you consider that MW3 will certainly use it, and that's what they're gunning to take down. I can live with preordering it (gotta get those classic maps) off of Impulse, but that won't be until right before release, since I would really prefer Steam.

Oh and origin can burn, I will not be using yet another download service, especially not since it'll probably be utter trash compared to most other more established services.
I'm in. I read somewhere that you'll need to have origin installed to play it, I don't like that idea at all.
Also bummed out about the Steam thing. But with EA selling content with Origin already packaged in the game, it's understandable that Valve doesn't like it either. You wouldn't want someone coming to your restaurant offering people PBJs on the side. (Maybe I'm just hungry?) XD

Regardless, I'll get it from Origin or D2D and add it to Steam. Booyah.
I'm down for BF3!! This is gonna rock!

I just wish the Beta would start soon....after playing the Alpha, I cannot play any FPS games...
I'm in. And I'm hoping EA gets over this stupid nonsense about Origin.
I wouldn't hold my breath.

EA smells the delightful aroma of that delicious digital distribution pie (i.e. money) that Valve has been enjoying for the last several years and now they want a slice. I sincerely doubt they care if they have to alienate their customers to (theoretically) improve their profit margins.

I'm just waiting for Valve to kick EA to the curb and find a new partner to distribute physical copies of their games.

Then again, BF3 is just YAMS (Yet Another Military Shooter) to me, so I'm not really invested in the controversy.
CajunGeek, do you know where people can sign up for the beta? I haven't seen much of anything regarding it.

I'm annoyed with the whole Origin thing as well. This lack of a unified platform is part of the reason I do most of my gaming on my Xbox. I don't want one service for a couple games and then another service for few others and then another one for that one game I really enjoy. I'm sure I'm not alone on that. If there wasn't any difference at all, I would be getting this on Xbox.
If there wasn't any difference at all, I would be getting this on Xbox.
There are 42 key differences between the PC and console versions of BF3:
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • 40 more players in a server
Last I read, the console versions only support 24 players per server while the PC version supports 64. Quite the difference.

EDIT: But yes, EA does really seem to be pushing their luck with trying to strong-arm people into using Origin.
And it's those differences that have me going with PC on this one (assuming my system can handle it).
I have been playing the [redacted] and let me just say that Origin is a PAIN IN THE took me at least an hour to get Origin setup so that I could actually download [redacted]...and then getting in to play was AHHHHHHHHH!!! ...however...[redacted] impressed me...a lot...