BF3 First thoughts


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Well, I just beat the campaign. I gotta say, for a BF game, the story definitely impressed me. It drew me in and I felt like I knew those characters personally. That's why I like BF games more than COD. COD games just jump around so much from character to character that I fail to make any kinds of bonds with the characters. I can't recommend this game highly enough. DICE did an amazing job with this installment!
Good to know the campaign is good... IGN said it was average, so I was a little concerned...I should get to play my copy tonight or tomorrow...YAY!
So far, I'm enjoying the campaign. Yeah, it's basic, but there's some parts that stand out like the jet level and the France level. The whole France level looked fantastic, especially with the water and car light effects. The normal marine stuff is kinda meh, but it's still fun. The DirectX 11 graphics in the game are innnncredddddiiiiiibllllle. Runs butter smooth, too, both offline and on.

The online spoils me something fierce. It's way too much fun, even when losing. The maps are fantastic, the sound is beefy and loud, vehicles handle just fine, and the weapons feel pretty balanced as of right now. Felt like I leveled up faster in the beta, however.
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BF3 is a great game, when you can actually play it and it works. I've had issue after issue with Origin and battlelog.

First, Origin changed my password on me without any notification, no email or anything, I had to go digging around the website before I finally figured out that it had changed it on me.
The download was ridiculously slow, I got way faster speeds on Steam. And the thing kept pausing my download every time I went afk for more than 10 minutes, then I had to manually restart it.

Now battlelog has been giving me trouble, I haven't been able to launch the game since yesterday morning, no sign of what's causing the issue. I can't search for servers, and trying to launch singleplayer just does nothing.

When I am able to play, the game has serious graphical issues on my computer even though my graphics card should be able to run it and my drivers are updated. Weird bars stick out of objects that completely obscure my view.

Oh, and the interface is really buggy too. In the menu, it switches between needing to have your mouse just above the thing you're trying to click on, just below the thing you're trying to click on, or just not being able to click on anything at all. And when that happened, all I could do was hit enter to respawn wherever it decided to put me.

EA sure knows how to ruin the release of an otherwise enjoyable game.
BF3 on PC took over 10 hours of errors and junk to get working...

BF3 on Xbox 360 took 5 mins to install HD textures and I was up and playing...

Origin ticked me off so far I didn't even consider the PC version...
I still think ghost recon island thunder is the best Military shooter out there still.
I'm loving the game. It is really a lot of fun to play, but I really dislike all of the bad language. I really wish there was a way to turn it off. That is so far, my only complaint. :)