Asynchronous Gaming

Krissa Lox

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Something I came across that was new to me while trying to expand my gaming repertoire to include Nintendo Switch games for family play, was seeing a wider variety of games that allowed for asynchronous methods of interactivity, such as by uploading game files for others to play or by privatized persistent worlds where you can allow others to be able to log in at their convenience.

This is something I used to enjoy being able to do through MMOs where I could do a number of activities on my own time to contribute to guild banks or help build stuff up to feel some togetherness with my group even if I couldn't engage in many real-time activities with them.

But these days I don't have nearly as much time or inclination to keep up with all the work necessary to keep an MMO character sufficiently leveled and equipped to be useful to a group, so these Switch games have now caught my eye as possibly being a way to expand my interaction capabilities without so much time-sink and busywork involved.

Possibilities I've found so far to consider are RPG Maker, BlockQuest Maker, Minecraft, Super Mario Maker, Animal Crossing, and Farm Together.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has some experience or recommendations to share in this area. Doesn't have to be confined to Nintendo Switch games specifically as I'm interested in the subject in general and willing to consider multiple platforms over time, but Switch is what I'll be prioritizing for the immediate time being.


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