Ascalon Catacombs SAT 8:30 pm central time


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I will be attempting to make a run in the catacombs. You need to be lvl 30 and you might even need to have your personal story that far. Please take the time to watch something on youtube to get a understanding of what we will face. Bring money and be the best you can be geared. Sign up now the first 4 go and if you cannot make it let me know so we can let someone else in...

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Hmm, i just noticed that you said 8:30 central time. That's 9:30 here and I'm hearing that this is a 3 hour+ dungeon. That's gonna run a bit late for me and that's assuming that we even start on time.

I'm not guarantee'ing that i'm gonna make this one.


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look at a guild on youtube they did it in under two hours. we should be able to pull it off. I will look for info and post for a better heads up and will try and start closer to 8 maybe even 7:30.


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I'd like to have another go at it. But being that its very new, and we're still learning not only the game, but our characters, I'd say it'll take us more than two hours. I think Raven's assessment is more accurate (3+ hours) because we keep dying (mostly from the new challenges and not knowing what's coming up next or have a pre-planned strategy as a team).

I would also recommend that those going, look into "team builds" rather than solo leveling builds. It can make a huge difference when a group synergizes in a dungeon.


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From my experience with Ascalonian Catacombs it was relatively easy to complete the story mode with minimal preparation. Most of the difficulty is knowing which enemy to prioritize in a group. (hint: the answer is kill the elementalists first)

During a boss fight if an ally goes down then get try to help them up before they're defeated. If they're defeated however then they should head back to a waypoint to get back into the fight as soon as they can so as to keep damage up on the boss.

During the necromancer boss fight make sure to kill her minions quickly when she summons them. For the bossfight against Ralena and Vassar make sure to kill Ralena first.

Other things to watch out for:

-Mesmers. They reflect ranged attacks when they put their shield up so it is best to kill them with melee attacks.

-Monks heal other enemies that are with them, however don't focus on them when there is an elementalist around, since elementalists deal too much damage not to be killed first.

-At the beginning of the dungeon you need to open crypts in order to get the door to open, make sure to open them one at a time and kill the ghost that spawns before opening the next one or you will be swarmed with ghosts and probably die as a result.

Overall the dungeon isn't too difficult, though it is harder than the next dungeon. The explorable mode is much more difficult, though more in execution than actually knowing what to do. (It probably didn't help that the group I tried explorable with chose the hardest route)


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I agree with Orry's comments. AC is not as terrible as it first seems. I actually got lucky with a good PUG and finished on the first try, but there was a lot of dying as we learned the lessons.

If you have someone who has done the dungeon successfully before and knows which enemies to target, they should call targets (CTRL+T) and others should attack that target (with T).