Anyone play Pirates!


Just wondering if anyone has played the new version of Pirates! It's GREAT! A bit repetitive but lots of fun. Sort of reminds me of Freelancer, but on the ocean instead of space.

I'm currently playing on the default years, so the Spanish have loads of ports in the west. I've been mostly focusing on capturing Spanish ships and now have a bounty on my head. My plan is to start capturing Spanish cities for England so I can have closer ports near the Spanish Mainland.

As simple as the game appears, it has some nice strategy to it.


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Pirates! Rocks ! I got it for Christmas and boy is it fun!
I'm a British pirate (I must stay loyal to my home) and it's a blast!
I got every promotion from the Brits, 2 more to get from the Spanish, and I'm close to getting other promotions from the other teams.
It's fun sacking towns!