Alchemy Transumute Tip


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Transmute: Living Elements transmutes 15 Volatile Life to 14-16 other random Volatile Elements (fire, water, air or earth). However, it turns out the elements you get can be chosen instead of being random depending on what zone you're in. So if you want a bunch of Volatile Air, you'd head over to Uldum to transmute. This can be very useful since you can pick the element worth the most at the time and use your daily cooldown on that.

Anyway, here's a list of the zones and what element you get in them:
Mount Hyjal: Volatile Fire
Vashj'ir: Volatile Water
Deepholm: Volatile Earth
Uldum: Volatile Air

Here's a link to the blue post explaining this:


I also fished up about 18 Volatile Water within 3 hours from coastal fishing in Uldum and Twilight Highlands...but Transmute is still the best way to go :)


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I just leveled Loughkey's alchemy from 1-525 last night, just so I can abuse this. If you watch the AH, you can get life for 10-11g pretty consistently, so you make at least 17g per volatile you transmute into air.

15*17 = a lot of gold...

a lot of gold * two characters = awesome...especially if they're both transmute spec. =D