after the storm check in


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I know that Monday many of you were in game before the storm was going to hit. I just wanted everyone to have a place to let us know you are OK.

Our power was out for 33 hours, but other than that no big little one was NOT happy about not getting to watch her TV. You would think with the power out I would have gotten some good sleep, but no that just did not happen for me.

It appears most of our food and such should be fine so no big losses for us.........(This is big for me as I'm a stockpiler/couponer to help keep our family on budget.)

Hubby says the power outage percent is going back up again, but for now we are fine.

So please check in even with your mobile for a brief update if possible.

Blessings and Hugs, "Angel"


here in New Hampshire we had no loss of power just some medium winds and a 10 minute heavy downpour.

But I must say it kinda melted me a bit that my 12 year old son (instead of being scared)
said to me "dad lets pray for them because our GOD is bigger than any storm"
moments like that make me feel a little better knowing i make mistakes as a Christian parent at times


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Was without power for 4 hrs here in the Appalachians due to wet heavy snow, we got about 2-3 inches here. Been raining and/or snowing for 3.5 days now.


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Katails and I were fortunate enough to not loose power at all. Though most of you know that since I have been in game all week. Dame Paragon wasn't so fortunate. He lost power Monday evening and it could be as late as Sunday evening before he gets power back. He has a kerosene heater and a camping stove and still have some fuel left. But, there is currently no fuel available in their area. I know that some people in their church do have power, so if worse comes to worse they will have some relief there.


Praying for you all! Through texts, Guylux (Rich) lives in central NJ & was still without power 17 hours ago. No injuries or damage that I know of. (We live in CA now, so we are well.