A returning to KOT


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Well After talking with my Better half, (Better looking at least than me) She mentioned that she would like to finish leveling Danicas Dawife to 50th.

I think I would like to hear sermons and studies going on back in Camelot! I think I would like to see the Churches of God again, I think I would like to roleplay a Human Knight of God, preach and spread the Gospel in game and Bless each other again. I really like WOW its game mechanics rock. But there are no churches and there is nothing like Coming in to the Church Your family preached in, loved each other in, blessed each other in. ( I know its not the dwelling.) But I do miss the ?graphics? Maybe I juts have a thing for churches.

I will still keep papatoad in wow, with a name like that how can I let him go..., But I think Danicias and Montrez will dust off their Helms of salvation, girdles of truth, Breastplates of rightousness, Boots of Readiness, sheild of faith, Swords of the Spirit.

It will proably be next month. As we are moving this month and alot has taken my attention. So we will return to the land that Loves Christains!