A Couple of Suggestions


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These are a couple of ideas I was going to share Monday, but most of us weren't there

First, regarding speaking during the study. If the leader is covering something that requires feedback, or is comfortable with discussion in the midst of sharing, I recommend this protocol:

  When someone has something they would like to share, they press their speak hotkey 3 times, so that the leader sees, and then they speak after the the leader acknowledges them and he gives the go ahead. This will help keep chatter down, and the discussion more focused, and also erase the awkwardness of trying to wait for the opportune time to speak, hoping that no one else is going to try at the same time.

Secondly, concerning materials for discussion. It would be great if whoever is leading on any given week could post in a forum:

The theme or topic they are going to cover
Any passages they plan to cover (book, chapter, verse(s))
Any available online resources they have used as reference
If they are so inclined, and of the type to make an outline beforehand, an outline would be groovy too, though I think less important than the last three things.

It would also need to be posted...I'd say maybe two days out, so that those who are going to attend have some time to get prepared (at least if there is going to be some interactivity). I've found studies to be much more productive if people have had time to think about the material and how it relates to what is being discussed prior to being in the discussion.

A requirement of two days prior posting of material will also help to keep leaders from...(dare I use the word?)...procrastinating. Not that anyone would ever put anything off

Anyhoo, those are my $.02

Any other thoughts or suggestions?
Could someone please notify me when you are holding these provisional studies.. I was unable to do the correct publicity due to lack of information and it seems like its gonna happen again...I need date time place and a rough description of the evening.
There will be notification sent out that we will be holding a provisional study on monday and thursday. Can someone be in TS at these times so that we dont have any cock-ups. The studies wont be starting yet just get some ideas and comments from those that come.

I can't be there this Monday, and I'd be much more sorry, if I weren't missing it to go to a party...in honor of my new job! Thursday should not be a problem.