3rd and Final Raffle


Instead of 4 raffles, I’ve changed it to 3. So this will be my last one. I need a good couple months without Guild Wars to get a fresh start in Guild Wars 2 whenever it is released.

This final raffle is for 100 ectos aka “ectoplasm.” Ectoplasm is a rare crafting material from creature drops primarily in the Underworld and is used for the most expensive armor in the game: Obsidian Armor as well as Chaos Gloves from Eye of the North. It is also used as a form of currency when trades exceed over 100k.

Info about the raffle:

The raffle is open to any Guild Wars player registered with the Christian Gamers Alliance (CGA) who still needs Obsidian Armor for their Hall of Monuments.

Rules: one entry per CGA user name and Guild Wars account.

To enter the raffle: reply in this thread using something like this:

Raffle – “CGA username” – “Guild Wars main name”

This way, I can look up your GW name using the Hall of Monuments Calculator.

The raffle begins today, Saturday, February 18, 2012 and will run until next Friday, February 24 at 9pm PST.

As with my other raffles, feel free to ask questions because I may have missed something ^^

Note: The winner will receive other items as well. This could include obsidian shards, rubies, sapphires, gold, etc.

Good luck & God Bless!

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Agree that is some give away, reminds me of the old, old, old tv show, "The Millionaire".
CGA name: - Ursen
GW ingame: - Ursina Cristeen


100e is a huge amount to give away in one go! :eek:

Yes I realize that but I have no use for the ecto. I have everything I need. Plus I'm still leaving myself with ways to acquire more gold if needed if I ever return. My 2nd raffle I was able to top the 1st. But there's no way I can top this raffle, lol. That's why it's my last :D


Last call for the entry to the raffle. I will announce the winner tomorrow morning. I forgot to mention I will use random.org's list randomizer again & will provide a screenshot to ensure everyone was included.

So far I have:

-Jeffrey- – Ow That Nips
Ursen - Ursina Cristeen
Abba San - Abba Lahav
Prophet Elhanan - Prophet Elhanan
Brydon - Obi Kaybee
OrryW – Me Orry Me
Manyik - Queen Kel - Paranormal Keladry
Valora Maris - Valora Maris
ajmucha - Sa Serenity


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Approximately 10% odds, pretty good there. Beats any conventional lottery.

Many thanks to you for setting this up to help people out!
As said before, good luck all


And the winner is: Abba San!

Here's the picture:

Congratulations Abba! Please let me know when you're available. I have lots of stuff to give you :D

Abba San

Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather
O boy - o boy!

I never win random drawings. My wife says I'm just not random enough.


As AJ said, the odds were pretty good. I'll check this thread often when you're available to meet in the game or send a pm whichever you prefer.

Abba San

Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather
I am going to be off and on throughout this evening when I have a little time. Then I am going on vacation for two weeks. I leave in the morning at 4:15am and back at midnight on March 14th. My mother is ill in Virginia - so we are going to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, no time to be on the computer.

Kyrel Ruth

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If you can't meet up Abba, I can store the items for you and give them when you get back. (If Naafiysh wants to give them sooner than your able to get them.)