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  1. ajmucha

    Armor Preview

    I know it's arenenet color...but WOW that's rough on the eyes with all the bright red.
  2. ajmucha

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    A big part of my problem with mumble is the elitist attitude about it. On the BWE in March, I was using mumble, and everyone could hear me just fine (Fire, raven, ursen, among others) left for dinner, came back, and nobody could hear. I did nothing different, headest hung up same place as...
  3. ajmucha

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    From an "normal" gaming night, ie: not a beta weekend event (from which there was on average, the usual crew in TS being assimilated into the channel when nobody else was around. Both screenshots were taken within 30seconds of eachother...the numbers are self-explanatory. Casual gaming...
  4. ajmucha

    Reserve your Guild Wars 2 Name

    I'm not bringing over any names in their entirety, rather, some names will be used as a surname to denote being in the same family/clan. I only plan on one of each profession at most, because the charr and asura don't interest me enough to make 2. This may change, but currently, I like the other...
  5. ajmucha

    POST 5,000!!!

    The post count is OVER FIVE THOUSAND!!!! ...wait...that doesn't sound right....
  6. ajmucha

    Stress Test Monday May 14th

    Gah! I work till 4 this day!!! I wonder if I can call in dead.... Only a few hours to play, but I dig. Though I realllly dont think it'll be released in June like some people seem to think...
  7. ajmucha

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    I think Mumble vs TS3 is much like Apple vs PC. You'll have fanboys/fangirls in both camps that absolutely insist their choice is the one to rule them all. It is a good place to have as a secondary option, and there's those of us that just like how it runs. Personally, even if it's a smaller...
  8. ajmucha

    preorder april 10th!!!

    I'll be springing for the Collectors Edition most likely, even though I shouldn't...I'm too much a sucker for the extra shinies like the charr figure. Keep in mind that april 10th preorder date doesnt necessarily mean imminent release....TOR had preorders as early as June I think, and released...
  9. ajmucha

    GW2 Guild Name

    Just so y'all know, when LION gets back with GW2, we'll probably either keep Signet of the LION or else Order of the LION. We'll be seeing y'all around there at some point. Hopefully there's a good alliance system to be implemented.
  10. ajmucha

    Guild Wars 2 Name List

    Sa Serenity - Sylvari Mesmer
  11. ajmucha

    teamspeak woes yet again

    I'm in favor of maybe just creating a "casual night gaming" channel, and password protecting it. There's only about 3-4 of us that are on at a time, just havin' a blast, then all of the sudden, Trolls...I wonder if sunlight turns them to stone like The Hobbit...
  12. ajmucha

    3rd and Final Raffle

    Approximately 10% odds, pretty good there. Beats any conventional lottery. Many thanks to you for setting this up to help people out! As said before, good luck all
  13. ajmucha

    3rd and Final Raffle

    CGA name: ajmucha IGN: Sa Serenity Good luck one and all!
  14. ajmucha

    Goals Accomplished, Free Stuff

    If all else fails, maybe kyrel can help again? I should be on though.
  15. ajmucha

    Goals Accomplished, Free Stuff

    Are any of the destroyer weapons still left? I have 2 oppressor's weapons in the HoM and the extra point would be awesome. Also, what time are you normally on? I can never seem to find you.
  16. ajmucha

    Goals Accomplished, Free Stuff

    I'm probably more likely to be on around the tail end of your playing time. I'll try to be on around 9pmEST (6Pm your time, I believe.) The toon I'll try' to catch you on is Sa Serenity
  17. ajmucha

    Goals Accomplished, Free Stuff

    Do you happen to have any left for the Kurz Elite Armor?
  18. ajmucha

    Goals Accomplished, Free Stuff

    Is this offer exclusive to guild members, or are honorary guild members included?
  19. ajmucha


    Sorry for double-post, but proof:
  20. ajmucha


    i'm in LION and we had this problem not 10min ago, got flooded with trolls named "jesus was a ****" and "**** jesus" I mean seriously...not trying to be power-hungry, but I was an officer in the alliance prior...would at least GW channel admin powers be too much to ask to to help avoid future...