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  1. Dchsknight

    Issues, Questions, Suggestions

    I cant make portals or do /spawn /home
  2. Dchsknight

    Issues, Questions, Suggestions

    dont know if things are still down or not but it is saying i am not white listed to join the server.
  3. Dchsknight

    Issues, Questions, Suggestions

    any update on this?
  4. Dchsknight

    Any update on the reset and update?

    Hey as title says. Any update on the reset? been playing World of Warcraft BFA and I think it would be cool to make a Zandalari Troll Temple in mine craft. No better place than here to do it!
  5. Dchsknight

    Interest in keeping the Tribe of Judah Minecraft server running?

    I guess I would say we need a operator who is not just gonna disappear on us. The world is still running on an old build of the game...
  6. Dchsknight

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Just started playing Star Trek Online. Going Romulan/fed. Also got Portal Knights on ps4.
  7. Dchsknight

    New launcher

    Nope bare bones. The server we on TOJ has mods but not my client.
  8. Dchsknight

    Building Advice!

    I would put in the green area... Flowers of some sort. Like roses. OR if you want it to be natural-ish use bone meal on the grass area. it will sprout up with natural wild flowers and tall grass. as for the pillars you have a lot of grey in there. And it looks like you are using sea lamps...
  9. Dchsknight

    New launcher

    Been playing off and on at lunch. This new launcher is garbage. I can not get it reliably work and when I do the old launcher it wont run it! OY!
  10. Dchsknight

    Hello?... hello?... ello?.... llo?.... lo?.... o?...

    I have been Playing Ark. it is a much better game and Minecraft 3.0
  11. Dchsknight

    how many demons or angels are there?

    This is MONTHS after the fact, but I have to say this thread was an interesting read. Here are some thoughts I have on this subject. Angels and demons do not have freewill. Who ever said they do are wrong. Angels might have had at one point a will to choose but there is only 1 being in all...
  12. Dchsknight

    Prayer Request

    Just an update... No change on my wife's issue. But I just received notice that our apartment complex is raising our rent to over 1000 dollars a month. I can not keep that kind of rent going. I have no idea what to do. I am being faithful and praying but it seems nothing is happening.
  13. Dchsknight

    New Server Announcement!

    I am on here and there too.
  14. Dchsknight

    Prayer Request

    Sorry for no activity. I just have been under the heat lately. It has not gotten better. This month has been a wreck. God is still good. He still provides for us in the week to week. but now we have major needs in our life and we have no way to take care of it. I looked into pulling money...
  15. Dchsknight

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Been playing GW2 with a friend in the {Salt} guild. I enjoy that game alot. I have also been building a castle in minecraft on the TOJ server. but no one seems to be on that anymore... /sadface.
  16. Dchsknight

    Prayer Request

    We have not heard anything yet, but it is still early in the morning here in Cali. Probably have till end of business day and probably wont hear anything till monday.
  17. Dchsknight

    Prayer Request

    Just an update on this... Yesterday we received word from our Lawyers that they are sending a demand to the insurance defense lawyers. They have till friday(tomorrow) to get us an appointment and get medical care for my wife or we going to court and apply penalties to the case. Which will...
  18. Dchsknight

    New Server Announcement!

    Hey How about that 1.10 patch? oh wait... BL!
  19. Dchsknight

    Prayer Request

    Hey brothers and sisters... I have a prayer request. I am gonna be 100% transparent with you. I think that is fair. My request is two fold. 1. I have been struggling greatly in my marriage. Not because of lust or anything like that, or divorce, but injury. 2 years ago my wife hit her head at...
  20. Dchsknight

    Oh man!

    ***Dislike*** Yeah but not all of us have the money to have a pc that can play skyrim at that caliber and use mods...