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  1. Elwood

    Supreme Court Ruling

    In Canada there is a due process for designating an person who has been convicted and sentenced as a "Dangerous Offender." While the following quote is from Wikipedia, it seemed like the most concise description that I could find: There is provision and due process by which someone so...
  2. Elwood

    WoW Gaming Skills Saves Kids From Moose

    Hey all. I just had to pass this along when I saw it. It's a fun read.
  3. Elwood

    Trojans, malware, blah blah blah = Hacked WoW accounts ...

    And that's why I own a Mac. Ok. I just couldn't resist. :D
  4. Elwood

    Watch out Wend when Allanon gets this :-O

    I know how much he likes real estate when it comes to computers. What about having 6 monitors instead of two?
  5. Elwood

    New map functions and in game quest tracker

    I haven't tried it yet. I am curious as to how well it works with TomTom and Gatherer. I also like the feature in Cartographer of being able to see where guildies are without having to group.
  6. Elwood

    Wanting to join the guild

    Another option would be to start a trial account and then do the interview in-game with an officer.
  7. Elwood

    I need some techie help please :)

    Option 2 is looking better for the long haul but I am a little curious why it is only $100 more. Is option 2 using a built-in graphics processor as opposed to a separate dedicated card? You do not want to be using MB graphics and shared memory. And, as has been noted, ensure you have a 64-bit...
  8. Elwood

    For you super-alt raiders

    I was cruising addons for updates when I came across an addon that will track which of your toons are saved to which instances. While I have no need of such a mod, I thought it might be handy for some of you. Am I Locked Out? mod from
  9. Elwood


    I'm just taking a moment here to address the words "fate" and "destiny." I will see if I have time to come back and work on the biblical perspective in a way not already presented. While you can go to or some such place and look up the definitions of these two words and find...
  10. Elwood

    Question about kids and Wow

    To answer one of your questions, Pinai, it has been posted by Blizzard on their forums that they are ok with underage children operating on a parent's account since they are unable to meet the TOC anyway to have an account of their own.
  11. Elwood

    Support bigger guilds!

    I put in my two bits but I really wouldn't expect a response from Blizzard. I am sure they have a policy of not responding to posts on the Suggestions Forum. I believe this keeps them from possible intellectual property rights litigation if they add something to the game that was posted there.
  12. Elwood

    To get the latest X-Perl

    Zeksie has now uploaded his latest version to
  13. Elwood

    To get the latest X-Perl

    Hi everyone. There are numerous mods that the latest patch does not play well with: X-Perl Unit Frames being one of them. While Curse and WoWInterface have not yet updated their versions, the latest can be found at WowAce.
  14. Elwood

    GC on Copmbat Pets

    Ghostcrawler posted the following:
  15. Elwood

    The Merry Christmas Thread

    So, since Mike hit the button before I did, I will add my Merry Christmas to the "official" thread. :) Thank You Jesus for coming to earth to die for our sins and be resurrected to lead us in eternal life.
  16. Elwood

    Merry Christmas!!

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to get in the cheer before I go off to my parents for Christmas today. Let's all keep the real reason we celebrate in the forefront of our minds. <prayer>Thank you, Father, for sending your Son to die on a cross for us and be resurrected so that those who believe in...
  17. Elwood

    Mod Updates

    Ok. I am adding in the Fubar mods I am now using instead of Titan Panel. My main beef with Titan Panel is it's guild mod which has a 25 toon limit and our guild consistently has more than 25 people logged on at once. I refuse to filter any of you out. :) Fubar (main mod) AmmoFu BagFu...
  18. Elwood


    If you are going to post an "Aack!" then you have to do so while holding this pose:
  19. Elwood

    Mod Updates

    Welcome back Azolas / Maul :D Good thing Beta is over so we can maybe see you around again. ;)
  20. Elwood

    Mod Updates

    A couple more mods. I thought I would just keep this list current as a quick link for those who need an easy place to reference these mods. Afterlife/Natur Enemy Castbar Casting bars and cooldown timers - being redone by the maker of Afterlife Ackis Recipe List Gives you the sources of...