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    So we will have a Black Ops server...

    Hi Hi...Keero could you please invite me ( to the ToJ server, i can't find it either :(
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    To the Armory!

    lol..laughed so hard. that's nice site
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    Sadam is gone

    Right...pretty sure this incites more hate towards America and between shias and sunnis themselves. Very dumb move. Not defending him, he deserved death, dont' think it was the right time and people to do it.
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    Forums back up! (Dec. 4, 2006)

    good to see em back up :) you better start spammin, eh
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    bowser! we love you

    Happy bday!!! :)
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    Which browser do you use?

    use ff and ie interchangeably...
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    Burning Crusade closed beta players

    Other invitees include: Blizzcon attendees Bizzard leveling/pvp contest winners Random invites
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    What IF there were explosives in the 9/11 towers?

    Actually, you should blame your gov't for arming these guys...Osama is CIA trained and so are his likes.
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    WoW grats :)
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    Ebay, WoW and You.

    QFT Agree 100%
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    Thoughts and Ramblings

    I was thinking about replying to one of the current topics on this subject or doing something like LoJ's...but now that I'm more of an outsider, I did not. LoJ summed up most of my thoughts in his well written post...except the typo's!
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    The quest respawn time is now only 15-20min.
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    Hooray for maintenance on Wednesday!!

    all servers down? or just SM?
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    How to deal with islam?

    Can you back up your claim as to why its evil??? Almost all of its preaching exists in the Bible...Its the people who take words literally from the books. Plus these guys are brainwashed in those extremist madrasa's or whatever its called.
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    Starcraft Battlechest for $8

    sweet...i could use a new copy. gonna find out if they send it to canada.
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    New Planets

    yep..they rotate around each other...they should just declassify pluto.
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    Disappointment with Guild !!!

    on a side note, we do have a pve guild on cenarius...ther shouldn't be ganking issues.
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    Disappointment with Guild !!!

    Azzie summed it all up...whenever I got camped, i'd take a 10min break and come back..and 9/10 times they'd be gone. Worse comes to worse, find another spot to grind for a bit. Its hard to fly across the continent then ride to help someone...chances are they'll be gone by the time help can come.