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  1. Kagnus

    Avoid Bartender4 atm.

    Do you have any of the old versions of the supplemental Macaroon addons installed? Make sure you only have 40000.x versions of anything Macaroon ;)
  2. Kagnus


    /lurker wave :) I just wanted to point out that accounts can only be registered in an adult's name. To open an account means to enter a legal contract by agreeing to the Terms of Use which legally only adults may do. If anyone has an account that was placed into a child's name, they can...
  3. Kagnus

    Official WoW UI AddOn Development Policy

    It seems sadly Group Calendar is a casualty of this new policy - Macaroon will still be around if anyone is still using it, though :D
  4. Kagnus

    Official WoW UI AddOn Development Policy

    For the curious, Blizzard has announced a new addon policy. It may affect addons you use - Note: this is targeted at addons and addon authors, not users. If you use an addon that is in violation of the policy, you most likely won't get in...
  5. Kagnus

    FOCA and You

    "FOCA will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions." This here is probably the most insulting part of the whole bill, if true. Indeed, elections have consequences.
  6. Kagnus

    Interest in 10 Man Naxx Runs

    Kagnus is available for heals on any naxx run. Just tell me when and where if you want to recruit him. I am mostly on my horde mage just because playing a pure dps class is just so much fun :D And I have no other characters there that people can ask me to switch over to in order to heal :P...
  7. Kagnus

    Florida court sets atheist holy day!

    Yeah, sorry, got it in an email and should have said as much, that it was an email tale. :) But I thought it was a new one, not an old one :) But I have the flu, so forgive me ;)
  8. Kagnus

    Florida court sets atheist holy day!

    Sunday, January 04, 2009 In Florida , an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and Passover Holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such...
  9. Kagnus

    Preach Against WoW???

  10. Kagnus

    LOKEN!! (Halls of Lightning Heroic)

    The big problem with this fight is it requires a lot out of the healer. It is not an easy fight to heal. I have healed it on Kagnus and have been through the fight horde side with several different healer types. It is just not healer friendly. Having done this fight quite a few times, I am in...
  11. Kagnus

    Strat Timer, Epic mount Strategy

    I am interested on doing this run with Kagnus. I have done this run on my horde mage successfully with pretty much the strategy explained above (and even won the drake on my first run :D )
  12. Kagnus

    3.0.8 PTR patch notes

    From what I have been reading since the patch notes were released is that it is going from 490 spell power down to 408. This in itself is not so bad, but holy paladins already struggle some with healing wotlk content. I thought maybe I was out of practice in healing, however, there seems to be...
  13. Kagnus

    3.0.8 PTR patch notes

    "Reduced the spell power on the Titansteel Guardian to bring it in line with its item level." This makes me sad =(
  14. Kagnus

    Death Knights: an exhaustive discussion of race, spec, and profession.

    The intent of my post is just to warn people :) I myself could play through it, and I actually did twice. I found 3 quests particularly disturbing, and one is what is mentioned above. You have to kill "innocents" while they cower in fear of you. However, I would hate for someone to start a DK...
  15. Kagnus

    Death Knights: an exhaustive discussion of race, spec, and profession.

    Being a Christian guild, I thought I'd give people some heads up. The DK content when you first start before you can enter the rest of the world is very, very dark. For all intents-and-purposes, you will be playing an "evil" character doing "evil" things. Once the story plays out, then...
  16. Kagnus

    Mod Updates

    WoWMatrix is a wolf in sheep's clothing :) I won't go into anything about what they do too much save to say that the addons sites are working hard to block WoWMatrix. One day you may wake up and it no longer works. Currently, though, the addon sites have already tried to block WM and in...
  17. Kagnus

    Fun in outlands

    And it was photoshopped, anyhow...
  18. Kagnus

    Earlier Raids

    I will add myself in as someone who is available for early runs. Due to current circumstances, I must log off at 9:30pm server time (wife has a job that ends late, is 20 miles away and we only have 1 car right now). So if a group started early enough, I might have some characters that could go...
  19. Kagnus

    Fun in outlands

  20. Kagnus

    Patch 2.4.2 and Trinity

    It might be addons like QuestHelper causing the issue, are either one of you using QuestHelper or a similar addon?