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  1. Simonedes

    How are you doin?

    Holy moley.... It has been almost a year since I have had enough free time to sit for long periods of time and do anything, particularly play games. In other words, I am back- this might be a short duration of time but I am currently playing. I found my account in some disarray as my hunter...
  2. Simonedes

    *BREAKING NEWS* Released Date Announced!!!!

    No kidding I would love to know how far ahead of class I need to be so I can... you know.... take a couple of days off to play.
  3. Simonedes

    Well Uh... Huh

    Finally decided to officially put my app in at the official site... also found this gem while surfing through Penny-arcade....
  4. Simonedes

    New Patch!

    She has a scope!!!! Not enough range IMO
  5. Simonedes

    It's finally here!

    You know what I need? LoL to get back up because I want to play before I work but tail off today =(
  6. Simonedes

    Headed to D.C.

    Loads, and I am always up for learning more for sure.
  7. Simonedes

    Headed to D.C.

    Well in a strange twist of luck I will be off to D.C. this coming weekend and was wondering aside from Mostlyharmless who else lives in the appoximate vicinity of New Jersey and D.C? I'll be staying for a couple of days and just wanted to meet some of the fellers here while I am in the area =)
  8. Simonedes

    Torchlight II

    With the first one not having any multiplayer at all to having LAN and mutliplayer... It brings a smile to my face. I loved the first one. Possibly one of my favorite hack and slashers of all time, but after running through the game to get my barbs gear and the achievements for steam it kinda...
  9. Simonedes

    Pokemon trading?

    Ugh with current situations the way they have been its been hard for me to play so I am really behind =(.
  10. Simonedes

    Is it real?

    It's real the CDC came out a couple of days after the post was made explaining that it was to get people prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Nothing as cool as what it could have been =(
  11. Simonedes

    Uh... We made Kotaku...

    Here's the thing what he wanted was a super spiritual interpretation of game and didnt find it. Wrote an article about something he didn't find and basically called it a dumpster fire of a review. The curiosity on his part was just wondering if we were super spiritual Steve's, so that a) his...
  12. Simonedes

    Uh... We made Kotaku...

    No he's honestly just being a jerk about the entire thing. My paraphrase of the article is pretty much spot on aside from spelling out exactly what he was wanting to find. He is a jerk and needs to go get a smoothie....
  13. Simonedes

    Uh... We made Kotaku...

    That makes me.... rage. "Oh I was on the internet herp-derpin' around and decided to troll some Christian websites to see if they were as super-spiritual as I thought they were. Instead I see that they leave out really any review of a game and just do a checklist to see if Christians can...
  14. Simonedes

    LoL IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!' That is all.
  15. Simonedes

    Trash Talking...

    Generally when faced with random people yelling obscenities etc. I normally play along. Nothing is more hilarious than agreeing youre a noob after killing someone.... Think about it... a "pro" just admitted to being killed by someone who is of "inferior skill" Conversely if you die its like...
  16. Simonedes

    Word Association

    hot tea =)
  17. Simonedes

    LoL IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    Yeah so that Rumble champ... he's uh pretty freakin good.
  18. Simonedes

    Word Association