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  1. Proverb

    Please can we Have...

    yes i know about /home command and no i dosent help :(
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    Please can we Have...

    Is it possible to have /tpa added. Somedays I dont have alot of time to play but if i want to play with my son or daughter or who ever i dont want to spend it running around or riding railroads. If we cant have that, how about at least /back . Please consider my request.
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    Am I missing something? Living storyline..

    I think you will find your answer here and some of future to come with story lines
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    Ranger Q&A

    As for pets i use a Polar Bear for tank and for dps I use a Lynx here link to look at
  5. Proverb

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    1. TOJ= Repentence777 2. GW2 Zick.7485
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    Server upgrade to 1.4 Information

    Still not letting me in :(
  7. Proverb

    Server upgrade to 1.4 Information

    wont let me in needs restarted hehehe atm noone on
  8. Proverb

    Server upgrade to 1.4 Information

    Some reason im not added to white list Zick_Silvertree knock knock someone let me in :p
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    Minecraft runs out of memory

    Are you running default texture pack ? if not try reloading default one and see how it works.
  10. Proverb

    Anyone still play?

    Im on a lot myself :)
  11. Proverb

    new build out

    new recommended bukkit build out :)
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    Server problem?

    I think went down 30 mins ago still not up yet
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    Help with Home command

    Something has change with beds and home? I have 2 houses i used /ehome with first house and 2nd house i used the bed to set home and all had to do is type /home to get to the the 2nd house. But now I type in /ehome or /home and takes me to same spot in the 1st house. I thought well maybe my...
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    I agree its nice to open achest and drop in instead of breaking signs
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    /sell works for me now!! but the sell signs dosent so far
  16. Proverb


    Essential sign shop not working for me i just tried. Also can player group have access to /sell or /sellhand its not working either
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    Looks like it can :) Is it something everyone wants?
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    What do you think about this plugin a way to be able to set up a shop and buy from others when they are not online Plus you get color in your signs :) This gives simple Color Signs
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    New Plugin: Essentials

    No one forcing any one who likes the challenge of a penalty to use /tpa or /back when they die :) For those who dont hunt and like to build (like me) those are tools that aid and help me, so why not use it. Im not against plugins im for them. I think they give the game more flavor. Its your...
  20. Proverb

    New Plugin: Essentials

    As for Player groups, only commands that we can do are on the /help list. I would like to see /back and /tpa /tpaccept /tpdeny added to the list for the Players. It would be nice to be able to visit a friends house, ask before teleporting :)