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    What dungeons do people who are not currently in "groups" want to see?

    While I'm not level 80 or anything on this server yet, I'm speaking from my lvl 80 rogue standpoint. When I was playing on the Horde side for a while, one of the best times I had was going to do Black Temple. Even with quite a few lvl 80 characters, that place is tough and we did wipe a few...
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    Saying Hi and Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! It's almost time to say Happy New Year too! I'm not quite sure on when it was that you stopped playing, as I was on the horde side for quite a long time, but I have to say a lot of people are saying that the new dungeon finder is a great new feature. Being able to group...
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    Hello from NC!

    Good morning everyone! For those of the "newbies" that don't recognize the name, this is Traumatize (level 52 Shammy at the moment). I won't be playing the game for about a week. My fiance and I took a vacation up to North Carolina in the mountains. I haven't seen snow in ~10+ years and...
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    Death Knights: an exhaustive discussion of race, spec, and profession.

    Even with their +rep bonus, I still chose the Draenei for my DK. The rep bonus is fantasic, but I still have to look at my character for a lot longer than I am worried about rep. The Draenei, to me of course, is more visually appealing. BTW, since I'm in the DK "discussion" post, I have...
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    Well that stinks. I was hoping to log on this evening before bed. Hopefully they'll have it fixed by the morning. ty sir
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    I went to go log in when I got home, about 10 minutes ago, and I can't get on. Is this due to a "downtime" issue that I'm not aware of?
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    Off topic here but I'm kind of currious, what are those in your sig Angus, the bright wizard and the shadow warrior thing?
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    New ingame event

    Even the DMF knows the "power of the horde." hehe
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    Gruul Down

    Very nice. Any idea on who your mage is that tanks the mage boss? With mostly greens that are BoE and some blues, I'm just over 10100 hp. I can improve so much there, but haven't had time to spend to get the blue BoP items I need for stamina.
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    Gruul Down

    After having been there for 2 weeks, Gruul is finally down. About time. Thought I would share my happiness with you guys. :)
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    Serpentshrine and TK Attunements Lifted

    After heading to Gruuls layer last night and downing High King Maulgar, a few of the raid members had to leave for the evening. So, with 18 of us, we went over to SSC. First, just so you all know, the Spore Bats are sheepable but are immune to sleep effects. And 2nd, be sure to bring all 25...
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    Serpentshrine and TK Attunements Lifted

    Is there a "catch" that I'm not picking up on? Seems kind of odd to think that any raid could just walk right in.
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    As of the patch today 6/19/07...

    ...creating Spellcloth will no longer spawn 2 of those nasty elementals. w00t! I couldn't stand those things. The good ole days are back. haha
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    Looking for shadow tailors

    Sure, send the mats to Reasonable and I'll log in either tonight or tomorrow to make another couple for you.
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    From what I've heard, most shammans are being forced to spec restro if they want to stay in groups. I have been reading on the forums that their DPS is lack luster now.
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    Theorycraft for mages

    pfft...warlocks. Without banish, soulstones, pets, fear, a ton of heath, and DoT's, their nothings. Might as well replace 'em. hehe
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    Theorycraft for mages

    What if you got a DoT off right before you died? :-P heh
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    With raidin Kara in the Horde guild I'm in, one of the main things that I like is having extra people in the raid. It may seem like something easy to remember, but not a lot of people do it. Don't just go in there w/10 people in the raid. Gather up around 15 people. Not all bosses require...
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    MC and Ony

    I haven't seen anything else posted to update this post. Is the run still occuring this evening?
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    Time for a change

    Grats Deed! Somehow I figured you'd be the first in the guild to have one. :)