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  1. notashamed

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    how often are you guys playing? my healer is getting more awesomeness :D
  2. notashamed

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    I can be there tonight. I'm afraid I may be low level (I'm still 7ish now, I work on leveling some today if I can), but we can see how it goes
  3. notashamed

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    I have an emp/psychic defender named Anifinity. I may make a different one later.
  4. notashamed

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    Thursdays are good for me! Just pick a time!
  5. notashamed

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    I've been mostly inactive with ToJ, but this is an opportunity I can't miss. I'll be creating a character on Defiant and see if I can meet up with some people! I really like defenders. Are there any requests for me to create a healer?
  6. notashamed

    ToJ Financial Status

    Bank checking account balance: $79.96USD Bank savings account balance: $1524.48 USD Most recent transactions: -$19.99 USD/month (GEARHOST) Paypal account balance: $838.99 USD Most recent transactions: -15.00 (Minecraft); -$47.34 (TF2 Server, CoD4 Server, CoD5 Server); -42.61 (Hurricane Host...
  7. notashamed

    ToJ Donor Recognition

    NOTE: If you wish to be listed as a Tribe of Judah donor, please include the name you would like posted on this thread when making your donation. If you have donated previously and wish to be recognized, please e-mail me at tek7 AT toj DOT cc. For more information on donating to ToJ, click here...
  8. notashamed

    How did you hear about Tribe of Judah?

    Heard about it through a friend at church.
  9. notashamed

    "Pressing Projects" or "Trouble sleeping"

    At this point, all I can say Tek is I feel your pain. I've got 5 months to catch up on.
  10. notashamed

    Bible Study 8-15-07

    Grace means to me that we can't earn our salvation. No matter how hard to we try to be good, we always fall short somewhere. Grace is undeserved forgiveness.
  11. notashamed

    Guild Website!!!

    I have temporarily stickied it for you.
  12. notashamed


    lol - that's funny & cool all at the same time!
  13. notashamed

    New Transfer

    Great, we look forward to having you!
  14. notashamed

    News Flash: This just in

    Thank you everyone who was in on this.
  15. notashamed

    My leadership

    Life is full of ever evolving challeges and mountains to climb. I have been very proud of MSC and what we have accomplished as a guild. My life has been heading in a direction that has made it difficult to serve as guild leader much longer. I will continue to hold the position and serve in it...
  16. notashamed

    Instance for Thursday

    What instances are people interested in running? These are what I can run on Thurs RFC WC SFK RFD RFK SM ZF ST BRD I think that coveres most instances from lvls 13-50
  17. notashamed

    New Outlands raid night needed

    What days are best for you Abomb?
  18. notashamed

    Cool links

    oh wow, anyone want to fish for Red Snappah now ? lol
  19. notashamed

    Cool links

    Check these out! 12 days of Winter's Veil