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  1. moderndaymicah

    Tribe of Judah 19th anniversary

    w00t! Happy 19th ToJ
  2. moderndaymicah

    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    Well it's now been a year and a half since moving the entire family to Southern Indiana. I got a promotion at work from minor field tech to can fix everything, at least in title, field tech. This week I noticed how great I felt after having to replace a ped (small box on the ground that hold the...
  3. moderndaymicah

    ToJ Server Whitelist

    Minecraft User Name: Moderndaymicah Real Life First Name (optional): Micah Age Group (0-10; 11-16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 35 Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): TF2 in name but it's been a while. How did you hear about TOJ Minecraft?: So I was chatting with The Mighty Gerbal...
  4. moderndaymicah

    Real ID ----- For D3, Starcraft, WoW, HearthStone, and really whatever Else. - micah#1468 steam - DARK_LARD
  5. moderndaymicah

    I just looked down at my G19 keyboard and...

    SWEET did this BWE start supporting it or was the G19 people that do the integration? might have to put that keyboard on my wishlist.... except that this one beats it out and it's higher on my wishlist...
  6. moderndaymicah

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    Ugh, despite my saying don't misconstrue this it was still misunderstood I tried to be clear and sometimes that's hard. Raven just happened to make my point for me so pointing to it was just an easy example. I've chatted with raven during the BWE and she was awesome then as I assume she is now...
  7. moderndaymicah

    First toon?

    Having a Warrior as my main on GW1 and playing one in the beta I might have to change my mind but for now I'll stick with the original choice Sylvari Thief. Anyone else thinking about changing their mind after trying a few classes?
  8. moderndaymicah

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    Personally the folks like Raven are exactly why I don't want more than one option available in the long run. I'd rather be able to speak with everyone on worse quality than have some folks on one client and others on another client. That sounded like I'm saying "Raven is bad" which would be...
  9. moderndaymicah

    Keeping Beta Toons!

    I'll be at work by the time the stress test happens but I just ran it and it updated. It appears from the text on the launcher that during the beta, or at least portions of it, beta characters will persist. Hopefully they'll keep the beta toons up for the run of the beta. Of course we can't...
  10. moderndaymicah

    POST 5,000!!!

    SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM I've got a monty python can of spam, spam visor, and t-shirt. One year doing the taste of Minnesota music festival the spam truck was there and so we had to go check it out. They gave us a bunch of stuff! It was awesome. Spam is really good, I suspect the only reason for not...
  11. moderndaymicah

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    That there will at any point in time be multiple voice chat servers up as permanent options. I prefer clear and concise. If I could I would also force people playing in GW2 to be in the GW2 room, WoW to be in WoW room etc. but I don't control everything. ;-) If it's a transitional phase with...
  12. moderndaymicah

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    eek, I really don't like that at all.
  13. moderndaymicah

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    For the overall picture of CGA is this poll just to throw in the LoE vote for which one CGA picks for everyone in the end? The only thing I really care about is that one or the other is picked before release. :-þ
  14. moderndaymicah

    We using mumble tonight right?

    Okay link to the mumble info... I had been wondering why the TS3 servers were _always_ empty when I got on. I'll get it installed ASAP
  15. moderndaymicah

    Guild Wars 2 is sold out for now.

    Yeah, they don't want more than they can handle in the beta. This means we should have a pretty packed house!
  16. moderndaymicah

    Beta names

    Ischuros will be my main beta toon name. [edit] Kratos was taken ;-( and I got in 15min early....
  17. moderndaymicah

    First toon?

    Yes, I did mean main character after it goes live. ;-) Although we could certainly throw in what you're picking for the beta! I'll probably pick Norn Warrior for that.
  18. moderndaymicah

    First toon?

    What is everyone's plan for their first main character? From my brief overview I think I'm going with a Sylvari Thief.
  19. moderndaymicah