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  1. Uzzo777

    2014 annual fundraising drive [UPDATE: Yay, we did it!]

    On it. Since I look forward to abusing the server for another year, cash moneys are on the way!
  2. Uzzo777

    ToJ back in Elder Scrolls Online!

    I'm happy to announce that ToJ is back in Elder Scrolls Online! As it turns out, ESO is one of the best games for a Christian guild.. why? 1) Every player is allowed to be in up to 5 guilds simultaneously. That means you don't have to choose between the endgame raiding guild and the...
  3. Uzzo777

    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    Totally respect the opinions here, but my $.02 1) Always on gaming reduces drastically the number of people playing illegally, which gives more money to the creatives who made the game. I don't go to networking parties where everyone has a CD-Rom with some game, they just buy a cheap game on...
  4. Uzzo777

    Bible Study - Thursday Night @ 6:30 PM ST

    Sounds like fun. I definitely want to be involved. I need to post this somewhere, and I really don't think it warrants its own thread. I'm leaving on a 3-week mission trip to Japan, so my WoW account will be unused. The main on redeemed is Oozzo. Don't /gkick me! :)
  5. Uzzo777

    MSC - Dead or Alive?

    Yup, sorry for the missing service. I prefer Horde myself, but recently re-rolled on Redeemed.
  6. Uzzo777


    Username: Uzzo First name: Michael Age group: Older
  7. Uzzo777


    Uzzo342 ...looking forward to actually getting good. Do we have any pre-planned match times? Thanks all!
  8. Uzzo777

    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    So, the massive sale on Steam was too much to pass up. I'd like to try out the GW for at least a few weeks. The Toj name is Uzzo777, and the GW name is Uzzo Mustardseed :) I should point out I have no idea how to play this game, and have spent as much time on the Wikia page reading about the...
  9. Uzzo777

    Prayer Requests

    Awesome. Thanks for the filling us in on the praise report.
  10. Uzzo777

    New Bible Study Series Underway!

    Bible Study Part 2 coming up Part 2 of our Bible Study in Ecclesiastes will be the Wednesday at 11pm pacific. Log on at that time, or just go to the Toj Teamspeak server and go to the WoW room. Send me a PM for more info or details.
  11. Uzzo777

    New Start for MSC

    @Logos: It will be great to have you! Hit up Uzzo or Ozzu (his evil DK twin) anytime in game for a guild invite. @mindraider: Love to have you as well. Honestly though, if you need a guild with more than 2-3 on a time, this may not be the time to join. We have 10 or so active members, but...
  12. Uzzo777


    Done and done. Welcome to the family. Let us know how we can help have fun. Our current prayer list is in the guild info.
  13. Uzzo777

    New Bible Study Series Underway!

    This weekend we started a new voice chat Bible Study. We're starting out with "Books Your Pastor Never Goes Over", as a fun way to look at the various books of the Bible that never seem to come up on Sunday morning. We met in the TeamSpeak server, in the World of Warcraft room. We'll be...
  14. Uzzo777

    Prayer Requests

    Okay, for this week we're going to shoot for 12 midnight pacific on Friday night. This may not work for you, but at least we'll get it going. Obviously, the time is up for change. I'll be posting a record of what we go over in this forum.
  15. Uzzo777

    Prayer Requests

    This is happening this week. At some point in the next day or so, we will figure out a time for a Bible study with at least me and Quartoth. We were thinking fairly late night. What times would work for you? Consider the prayer list added to our in-game and personal lists.
  16. Uzzo777

    New Start for MSC

    You're welcome anytime, and if you're not still in the guild, one of us can send out that invite quickly. For the Horde! :)
  17. Uzzo777

    New Start for MSC

    I would echo the above, and also mention that you could send me a personal message through the forum to make sure you meet up with one of the three players in the guild (including myself) who have guild recruit priveleges.
  18. Uzzo777

    Mustard Seed Conspiracy Charter

    Hey all. Since we're getting to the point of having at least a handful on during peak times, I thought it would be a good time to start on some basic guidelines for how the guild will function and grow. Everything here is subject to change. 1. Mustard Seed Conspiracy is a chapter of the...
  19. Uzzo777

    New Start for MSC

    Hey thanks! To tell a family secret, I'm more of a casual player as well. I like going on the occasional raid, but I find the 3 days a week, 4 hours per raid, schedule a bit too close to a "job" for my liking. I tend to play a lot of hours, but at odd hours. As we grow, I hope to assign...
  20. Uzzo777

    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    I echo the above thoughts. Just to add, we could have a sticky or something on the site that includes not only dates and times of meet-ups, but also easy instructions on how to link up in the various games. Some of them are similar to each other, but on some games it's a bit awkward...