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  1. Tianar

    Star Citizen

    Don't mean to necro an old post, but couldn't find a better place to post. I'm a Star Citizen backer as well... I'm Apoapsis on the Starcitizen website.
  2. Tianar

    IMPORTANT! Most Tribe of Judah members will need to reapply at the new site

    Started to go through the registration process, however, I'm wondering if providing a testimonial might be a bit intimidating for some and put off new members. I know it is a bit intimidating for me, as its not easy for me to share stuff about myself.
  3. Tianar

    Drood in need of gear...

    I have a level 80 Feral drood in need of better gear, the stuff put out by regular quests isn't good enough for raids let alone preventing me from getting insta-pawned by horde goons when i'm running around Azeroth... :mad: Can I get some volunteers to help me with my problem? I'm...
  4. Tianar

    So who's coming back for Mists of Pandaria?

    So... I thought I qualified for the Scroll of Resurrection, ManaByte even sent me the SoR email and I got the email... So that should mean I'm qualified to get a SoR right? Well.. apparently your account must be expired/lapsed on or before March 4, 2012, and mine expired ON March 4 at 4pm... So...
  5. Tianar

    So who's coming back for Mists of Pandaria?

    I intend to come back, I qualify for a resurrection scroll if anyone can send me one. :) PM me on the forum and I'll PM back w/ my WoW account's email addy.
  6. Tianar

    Retiring from WoW... For now...

    I regret to inform you all that I'm retiring from WoW for now... My gaming budget doesn't have room for two major MMO subscriptions, even at the 3 month subscription rate :(. So I will be canceling my WoW sub as of March and continuing with SWTOR... I may return at some future point in...
  7. Tianar

    Guild Status in SWTOR?

    Anyone know if we got assigned a server today? the SWTOR site is so congested I can't get the guild page to load on the SWTOR site. The roster won't even load. Edit: Today being Monday the 12th of December 2011.
  8. Tianar

    Weekend Beta Coordination

    been playing various classes both sides, server: Canderous Ordo char names Ti'anar Sandarian (I think that's the spelling)
  9. Tianar

    Beta Invite!

    Rule number one, don't talk about Fight Club.. er Beta... Rule number two, don't talk about Fight Club.. er Beta... NDA allows you to disclose: 1. The existance of the game testing program. 2. The fact you are a member of the game testing program.
  10. Tianar

    Beta Invite!

    There is a testing program and I am a member of said program! :D Edit: Glad I got 2 days to download lol, MMORPG games are huge!
  11. Tianar

    Why we should play and join in Beta when it is available...

    The coveted "Beta Email" has not graced my inbox :( with the exception of the false alarm emails a few days ago, the ones inviting me to a survey for beta users. I was like, did I somehow get into beta without knowing it?
  12. Tianar

    Some thoughts about the guild

    SWTOR already preordered for a while now, looking forward to early play, and if I'm lucky Beta...
  13. Tianar

    Anyone planning on playing swtor??

    I have preordered SWTOR and will be playing. Likely Character names: Chris Longknife, Tianar or some variants there of. Likely classes: Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Imperial Operative. I believe I've signed up to join CFD on the SWTOR forums.
  14. Tianar

    Free 7 days offer received March 31, expired March 22?

    I changed email addresses for my account, and they still send fake emails to the address I used to use. :D Its easy to tell the fakes now lol. But I still go directly to the WoW site, do not click on email links for WoW, do not pass go, ect... I've never received a legit account...
  15. Tianar

    Hey Grim

    I would probably prefer a Republic side guild actually, but I'll join the Sith guild just to have people to play the game with. It sounds like there will be group oriented content that I'll need a group of friends to play with.
  16. Tianar

    So who maxed out the Engineering profession?

    My alt is an engineer, but sadly atm he's only got the skill to make a couple bombs lol. I soo want a bike as well, but don't have the funds or materials for one.
  17. Tianar

    Some thoughts about the guild

    My point was to let the way we RP be an example to others. There's no reason a Sith HAS to kill his master to take over, its just the way it typically goes. I've always thought the main differance between Sith and Jedi was that Sith let their emotions loose while Jedi suppress them. Its just...
  18. Tianar

    Hey Grim

    I would be more likely to spend most of my time as a Republic sided character, but isn't there also a neutral faction? (e.g. Smuggler/Bounty Hunter) I've been thinking of playing a Jedi Counselor when the game comes out.
  19. Tianar

    Some thoughts about the guild

    My 2 cents, CFD sounds good, RP or PvP why not both? One is supposed to bring the light to the darkness, while I'm sure some RP rather negative things, there is certainly no reason we couldn't have a guild based on a positive RP and thus be an example for others to look up to...