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  1. Goose62

    How did you hear about Tribe of Judah?

    Back in early-mid 2001, I was introduced to Counter-Strike. I don't /exactly/ remember how I found or was looking for ToJ - but here's what I can remember or what I think happened. A few months after first playing Counter-Strike (CS), I was getting sick of all the immature players, bad...
  2. Goose62

    Reliving ToJ's 1st season in CAL - CS division

    I've been playing CS this whole time ... I was even in CAL-main for a season with my current "clan" - Failsport. I added my steam community page to my signature, so if you want to add me as a friend, just click it :) Good talkin with the old members again :) And Whon, if you want, I can make...
  3. Goose62

    Reliving ToJ's 1st season in CAL - CS division

    I knew you'd like it Tek ... it's good to see that ToJ is still growing after all these years.
  4. Goose62

    Reliving ToJ's 1st season in CAL - CS division

    This is an 18 minute CT side of one of the CAL matches we had in ToJ's 1st season in CAL (Cyberathlete Amateur League). Starring: Elite - IIRC, was ToJ:CS's leader at the time Goose62 Apoc Rcm Hsolo Some of you older member will know these guys, but for some of you newer members, just sit...
  5. Goose62

    Need help getting to 55 monk!!

    Can you go into a little more detail about "Tombs". Can I do it with henchmen, what skills/build should I set up? etc.
  6. Goose62

    Need help getting to 55 monk!!

    What would you suggest I do for farming then? As a monk primary profession?
  7. Goose62

    Need help getting to 55 monk!!

    I have close to no money right now, and would like to try out the 55 monk. In order to do this, I'll need to get a whole new armor set to be able to put 5 superior runes on it. If you are willing to donate any funds or superior monk runes to me, please let me know!! Thanks in advance! Also...
  8. Goose62

    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    I left a while back, but I would like to be back in the SoE guild. I'm not sure how active I will be, but love the community. My name is Jemini Jax I believe.
  9. Goose62

    Who's been in Tribe of Judah the longest?

    Almost: New member Wednesday, September 12, 2001 4:48AM - Tek7 Everyone welcome Goose62 to Tribe of Judah.
  10. Goose62

    Alienware Computer for Sale!

    You could try your local craigs list ... we've had loads of success with our local craigs list. Plus, no shipping fees and no listing fees.
  11. Goose62

    Photo contest

    I entered a photo into a photo contest online and wondered if anybody from ToJ would be interested in voting for my photo. If you are a member of or would like to become one, my photo is here: Thanks...
  12. Goose62

    Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

    I've tried searching for some, but there just isn't much info out there right now. I'm a big fan of's "CS:101" articles ... I wish they'd do some "CSS:101" articles :) As far as rates, I'm pretty sure they are the same in both 1.6 and source ... i use rate 20000, cmdrate 101, and...
  13. Goose62

    Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

    Since the switch over of the BIG 1.6 American names (col, 3D), I think Source is where CS is heading. I've actually been playing it more. Last night I joined a deathmatch and went 310-120. Corpfox is right tho, it is a bit different. You can still shoot through walls, I'm just not sure which...
  14. Goose62

    I thought my days were over...

    Pretty depressing when I went 200 - 60 the other night ... I almost stabbed myself with my mouse =\ ;) Tek
  15. Goose62

    Your opinion on the ToJ CS server

    I just wanted to get some people's opinion on what they think of the ToJ CS server. In regard to registration/lag/etc.
  16. Goose62

    Just noticing

    One thing that would help get people in the ToJ CS server is even if you see 0/10 people in our server, if you join ... others will start joining as well. Please don't write the server off just because there's nobody playing in it the exact time you check on it. oh, and btw ... those belts are...
  17. Goose62

    CS 1.6 Server Down for Upgrades

    Awesome, thanks for the upgrade :)
  18. Goose62

    Just noticing

    Who has access to change the server's map rotation? I'd like to help out with this as soon as possible, so we can start to get more and more people in our server. Also, I wouldn't mind being an admin, so if that is an option, please let me know.
  19. Goose62


    I remember back in the day when ToJ's heart and soul was CS (for the most part). It was the biggest chapter by far ... then the CS server got shut down and it has slowly dwindled away. Now that we have a CS server again, we can start building the chapter back up. Although custom maps are fun...
  20. Goose62


    Sorry, I just had a baby boy and most of my free time is taken up by him.