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  1. [7F]Otter

    Joel is moving on...

    Hey guys, it's been awhile. I'm just posting here to let everyone know that the WOW account that includes Daeder and Teranol, (who most of you know me by) is changing ownership. In the last 3 - 4 months, I have not been on for more than about 5 hours total. Yes, this is completely due to a very...
  2. [7F]Otter

    Hi, first post.

    If I may answer in Adam's absence, our recuitment policy is that you be born again, and of couse, on Terenas. :) I'm sure he can clarify a bit better, but for the most part, that is it.
  3. [7F]Otter

    Zul Gurrub Raiding Schedule ...

    Ok, latest developments from Daeder: If someone is interested in taking that character through Zul'Gurub, you're welcome to. As the rumor mill has probably informed you, there is a reason that I am no longer feeling inclined to play WOW very often, and yes it is female. Anyway, thus being the...
  4. [7F]Otter

    Where do we all live?

    Daeder - 60 Pally Teranol - 50 Rogue Edmonton Alberta
  5. [7F]Otter

    Zul Gurrub Raiding Schedule ...

    Daeder is interested as well.
  6. [7F]Otter


    Hey, you'll be missed, but (unforutunately sometimes) the real world comes first, and DEFINITELY keeping your wife happy comes first. Tough decision, and I respect you for it. Make sure you drop in the forums from time to time.
  7. [7F]Otter

    Stormshroud Armor

    I as well would be interested in farming for the mats if it meant I would recieve a set for my rogue.
  8. [7F]Otter

    games with magic

    As well, one thing that I would like to add, is that in the virtual world, there are only pixels. When I click the button, pixels light up and transfer. I do not view games as a world that I am in. I do realize that it is in a sense, a virtual world, but I do not physically exist in that world...
  9. [7F]Otter

    Tribal & Elements & Armors (Oh my!)

    Umm... I am currently quite busy leveling Teranol. I have not progressed much past lvl 220 in blacksmithing, so any recipe you come across, I should be able to either hold it or use it. As far as weaponsmithing goes, I have to talk to Allanon to get some raw materials to lvl up smithing, so I...
  10. [7F]Otter

    the Knights of Dragon Fire

    LOL Thx for the vote of confidence! I have used Master looter a few times, and I must say that it is a VERY good system for high lvl instances, ESPECIALLY if there are non-guildies present. Master looter effectively only gives the party leader the ability to see the item. They then can link it...
  11. [7F]Otter

    Noticed Concerns

    Did you mention to keep cocky attitude at bay? :)
  12. [7F]Otter

    Some Advice Please

    I would have to back Hawk on the Pally thing. Especially when fighting undead, but as well with anything else, I can draw and hold all aggro on myself if my party is dying. This is largely due to researching the Retribution class, but none the less, I can draw aggro all on myself with AOE...
  13. [7F]Otter

    What I have/What I need

    Daeder is a lvl 56 Pally 180 miner and mid-range blacksmith. I will be focusing more on being a weaponsmith where Allanon is an armoursmith. I currently am leveling as quickly as possible, with a clear emphasis on getting smithing and mining topped up. As well I am about a lvl 280 first aid...
  14. [7F]Otter

    Broken Link?

    Just wanted to point out that clicking on the "forum" link on your main site takes you to an old Ikonboard link.... which incidenally doesn't work. :) Leastways it doesn't for me.
  15. [7F]Otter

    WoW Guild!

    Welcome aboard! I think it was you that just joined anyway. :)
  16. [7F]Otter

    List of WoW acronyms ... add yours ...

    Or is is BioHazard? :p
  17. [7F]Otter

    Quick heads up, a new primary alt char for me :)

    Consider yourself chained.
  18. [7F]Otter

    Quick heads up, a new primary alt char for me :)

    Sounds cool! I got to lvl 50 over the weekend, I expect to clear 51 tonight. I'm currently about 4k XP away from 51. No biggie, gimme 30 mins. Got torched by Treamus the Destroyer... Boss dragon in The Blasted Lands. I didn't think he would aggro if I was fighting something else and he...
  19. [7F]Otter

    List of WoW acronyms ... add yours ...

    OMW: "On My Way" AH: "Auction House"
  20. [7F]Otter

    Great interview with Blizzard: Wow & its "issues"

    Yeah, that auction house really drags it down! You even run by the door and you lag down. lol