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  1. SamIam

    Guild Question

    Howdy y'all. I've been dabbling in SWTOR lately and have some guild questions: 1. Still on Begeren? 2. How many active players, roughly? 3. What times/zone are y'all most active? I plan on just being a casual player; no Ops, just FPs & WZs.
  2. SamIam

    Reborn Guild info

    I'm toying with the idea of trying Rift once the new/hype wears off. Not sure I want to play on RP server, though. If I get it, I may look y'all up. For RP purposes, I'll be a psychotic Bard/Sab that love blowing things up and writing songs about it lol.
  3. SamIam


    Welcome to the family!
  4. SamIam

    World of...Tanks!!!

    I tried it out this weekend. It's pretty fun. Looks good and runs well. My ingame name is TwinMfg. Look me up if/when you're in.
  5. SamIam

    Warning: Old Farts Detected!

  6. SamIam

    So Shiny....

    Just great. More flashy eye candy that the melee have to see through. :\
  7. SamIam

    Veterans Day / Remembrance Day

    I, too, would like to thank our vets and current sevicemen- even if I'm a day late. P.S. Happy Birthday, USMC!
  8. SamIam

    Hope to join guild

    ...because I'm in it! :D See you in-game, Leah. You'll have to turn off guild chat whenver Eric starts singing, though. He can't carry a tune.
  9. SamIam

    Mike & Bob's ICC Run

    I have a couple business trips coming up. I won't be available: 27 Sep 23-29 Oct 1 Nov Y'all better not get the LK down while I'm gone!
  10. SamIam

    Worgen Mounts Revealed I have mixed feelings about this. I think I like it. At least, I want to like it.
  11. SamIam

    Dungeons; a start from the bottom

    Lance T (Hylia/Sanctovo) is running the old raids for achievements every Thursday at 7:30 server time. Check the in-game calendar. All are welcome to join as long you meet minimum level requirements for the instance.
  12. SamIam

    Another great hunter summary for those interested in the class ... targetted 80s

    tl;dr Playing a huntard is easy: 1. Face roll left 2. Face roll right 3. Roll Need on all loot :p
  13. SamIam

    Mike & Bob's ICC Run

    Woo Tee Woot on us getting to LK! His days are numbered.
  14. SamIam

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    My intent is to focus on Cataclysm, but i'm keeping an eye on SWTOR. Historicallly, TF does not "sponsor" guilds in other games, but there certainly will be a cgalliance guild of some sort.
  15. SamIam

    Cataclysm - personal/guild focus?

    My main focus will be to level Sammey to 85. But, i will be making a Worgen Druid. Since all my toons start with "Sam," I'll be naming it Samoyed.
  16. SamIam

    noob 80 mage thread

    Something else to consider, just to muddy the waters for you: I find Arcane spec incredibly boring. For most every fight your rotation is 11112; rinse and repeat. ZZZzzz... Fire spec, on the other hand keeps you busy and you have to actually watch your threat because the build is centered...
  17. SamIam

    Mike & Bob's ICC Run

    As I mentioned on TS, the only in WoW that interests me right now is getting Kingslayer title. So, you wont see me much, if at all, except for our ICC run. As for this upcoming weekend, I vote for Saturday, but can do Friday with enough forewarning.
  18. SamIam

    Druid Forms

    Ditto. Lets all go Horde!
  19. SamIam

    Warrior tanks

    My advice: be careful who you take advice from. :D
  20. SamIam


    I may use it, but not right now. I like giving the dust a chance to settle just in case there are heretofore unseen issues. But, if all goes well, I'll probably start using. Now, if I only had some friends for it.... :rolleyes: