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  1. SergeantDerp

    Dungeon groups

    I will have a rough draft posted by tomorrow and we can work out the kinks :)
  2. SergeantDerp

    Dungeon groups

    So after trying to get guildies to run dungeons with and failing most of the time and resorting to pugs I have decided that I am going to see if there is any interest from the rest of the guild members on running dungeons on a regular basis, at least once a week for those of us who have...
  3. SergeantDerp

    Tech help with Operating System

    I have installed GW2 on Win8 and it runs just fine. Win8 seems to have decent support for drivers as well so I dont beleive you will have much of a problem.
  4. SergeantDerp

    LoE League of Crafters

    I am currently at armor crafting 400 and weapon smithing 320 something and will gladly craft for the guild.
  5. SergeantDerp

    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: Mike Age: 38 Position: member Main Character: Throckmorten (Guardian) Playstyle: PvE with lots of PVP Occupation: Software engineer Location: Oregon Other: Fishing, hunting, anything that involves guns, and working out.
  6. SergeantDerp

    Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Says Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

    Soooo you believe that and cant prove it. Here believe this theory I cant prove instead. Lol! These arguments always crack me up. Though it is kind of sad in a way, people without God really seem to have nothing to look forward to. Must be lonely.
  7. SergeantDerp

    Prayer request for my wife.

    Well all the test came back negative. Ya! Thanks everyone for your prayers.
  8. SergeantDerp

    Windows 8 and gaming peripherals

    I have an MSDN subscription and we got windows 8 on the 16th, as far as the OS goes I don't really like the interface, for tablets it will be fine but for desktops it is not all that great, DOWN WITH METRO. Otherwise it is fast and seems to run most stuff other than my mouse and keyboard macro...
  9. SergeantDerp

    Word Association GW2 version

    me when my kids are playing with me
  10. SergeantDerp

    Update on a GW2 Worthy pc

    How much do you have available to spend, you can build a decent machine for relatively cheep. There are plenty of us on here who can help you with that. :)
  11. SergeantDerp

    Windows 8 and gaming peripherals

    Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how to get Razer Synapse 2.0 to work on Windows 8. For what ever reason, probably USB drivers, it does not recognize my keyboard or mouse. Its irritating and I want to be lazy and not downgrade back to windows 7.
  12. SergeantDerp

    If "we" were to make an Indie game, what would it look like?

    XNA is a .NET wrapper around DirectX 9 and some of the features of DirectX 10. To use XNA you have to write your own 2D/3D engine and build a game on top of that. The great thing about it is its cross platform compatibility; you can build a game using XNA and it will run on Window, Windows...
  13. SergeantDerp

    Want To Build A New PC

    You can build an I5 with a nvidia 550 TI in that price range.
  14. SergeantDerp

    If "we" were to make an Indie game, what would it look like?

    I'm a software engineer with lots of game engine experience both 2D and 3D, and this project sounds interesting to me. I do have a significant lack of skills when it comes to modeling :) You might want to look into the XNA platform or SlimDX.
  15. SergeantDerp

    First Character - What Kind of Build Are You Planning on Using?

    Defensive guardian with more of a tilt towards DPS so I can be annoying in PVP.
  16. SergeantDerp

    How the GW2 Economy works

    Interesting, thanks for posting.