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  1. Meshach

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Meshach is sitting at level 85 and hasn't been played in well over a month, but I'm sure he is so uber anyways he could step in and be op'd! There is the issue of no longer having an account though..... Good luck guys! I miss the fellowship!
  2. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's Raid: An Apology From Bob

    Unacceptable unless you send me $15,000 gold. :) No sweat, sir. Proud to be part of your raid!
  3. Meshach

    Need some UI tweaking

    Chatter I use Chatter and Elv UI is working perfect with it. I don't recall having to do anything special to make it work. When I installed Elv UI I just let it configure the chat windows, etc and it all worked fine. I'll try to look through settings to see if I notice anything.
  4. Meshach

    Need some UI tweaking

    Target frame Whoops, sorry. Didn't see your question earlier. I'm just using whatever is built into the Elv UI. It does a nice job of formatting and aligning them for me. I'd guess it is the same for Tuk UI.
  5. Meshach

    Need some UI tweaking

    Raid members The only reason you don't see raid members is because I wasn't in a raid at the time. :) The UI very nicely displays the party and raid members as well as their mana, rage, energy, etc. When I'm on my healer, it places these raid members conveniently toward the center of the...
  6. Meshach

    Need some UI tweaking

    Joe's sanity Joe, we might question the accuracy of your response. If you're sane now, I'd hate to see insane! :) And yes, UI tweaking is a sickness. I blame Adam!
  7. Meshach

    Need some UI tweaking

    I couldn't get Tuk UI or a few others to do what I wanted. Too bad, because I really like how it looks. Maybe if I have more time I'll find a way to make it work. My UI needs some work too, but it's functional and I thought I'd share what I'm doing and why. Maybe you guys can make some...
  8. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's Raid v4.2

    For gear, I'd probably be better served moving on to Firelands. I still want to go whip up on those old raids just for fun, but that can wait IMO. I'm game for whatever though! By the way, for cauldrons I'm fine on these two: Flask of Draconic Mind Flask of Titanic Strength I need more...
  9. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's Cata Raid Group - Update

    Ditto Ditto.... thanks for the help, Ben! What a relief to down another boss. We were banging our heads against the wall for awhile there!
  10. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's Cata Raid Group - Update

    Next up Here are the next 2 we need to prepare for! Chimaeron Maloriak
  11. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's Cata Raid Group - Update

    Working It seems to be back up and working now.
  12. Meshach

    Mike & Bob's ICC Run

    I think we have a Sunday School party Saturday so I might not be back in time. Friday would probably work though.
  13. Meshach

    Flash developers

    flash or whatever I guess I really don't care what program is used, as long as it is highly compatible with most computers and gets the job done. :)
  14. Meshach

    Flash developers

    I'm just wondering if we have any flash developers in our guild? I was going to pay a stranger to put something together for me, but though I'd check with you guys first. Just tossing this out there to see if there is interest. I would like a promotional CD that will autoplay when inserted...
  15. Meshach

    New Raid Group

    ICC I'd love to start running ICC 10. Been pretty bored lately with my mage as the other instances don't help him out much. Thanks for your willingness to put it together!
  16. Meshach

    Farm Flame Leviathan on 25 man

    Sounds good Meshach has been wanting to run Ulduar for a long time so it sounds great to me! I don't know how often Monday evenings will allow the time, but I think it'll be fine. Thanks for working on this!!!
  17. Meshach

    Base Jumping Video

    nice! Hah! That was great! Good post.
  18. Meshach

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    me either I don't see the members only area either *hcs edit for notation purposes* done
  19. Meshach

    An opportunity to witness to the SGA!

    Good idea! Good idea! I posted mine... All of my toon names come from one section of the Bible... Meshach, Shadraach, and Abednego. Some minor spelling changes were required to get all three, but close enough! They were the three that were willing to be thrown into the firey furnace...
  20. Meshach

    Taking a WoW Leave of Absence

    I'm sad to see you leaving, Dave. You and I began questing together early on... even before joining The Forgiven. Meshach won't know what to do without you by his side! I applaud you for your discipline. You are taking an important step in your life. May God bless you and your family as...