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    Guild pics

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    I would second WoWPro. I used it to level JT from 45 to 70 doing some of the new cataclysm old world updated content and it worked ok. BC and WotLK have the most accurate guides at the moment though but will change as the old guides get updated. It's concept of quest circuits really make...
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    Back to my first love!

    Warriors can tank? (Tee hee hee)
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    Who is going to raid tank CAT!?

    I will not be purchasing cataclysm and have cancelled my account. So I will be taking a tanking break too.
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    Start preloading Cataclysm today without making a purchase

    Really the only thing important about the collector edition for the game itself is just the key. That is what determines what extra in game elements like the non combat pet you receive. In the next couple of weeks, blizz is going to create the gold copy of the game and start the distribution...
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    Start preloading Cataclysm today without making a purchase

    WoW Insider has an article about how to setup the launcher to start preloading cataclysm even if you haven't purchased it yet. It has been confirmed by a blue that this is not against the ToS and EULA. Want to preload Cataclysm without pre-ordering? Here's how
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    What happened to my Iconic Pally? Tebran say it isin't so!!!!

    The pally now reminds me of the open beta pally back in 2004. You know when we had a strike baseline across all talent trees before the last minute change to the seal system for release. Ok, maybe only I remember that. Blizz! Why did it take 6 years to realize that having only one melee...
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    Changes since I was last seen...

    I love Disco healing. Duel spec'd disco at the moment with a pve disco build and a pvp disco build. Healing 5 mans is so easy right now. It is either holy nova or smite and see how many dps you can beat while occasionally throwing out a shield or renew.
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    Cata release plans

    Gilga, use UPS next time and help subsidize my retirement.
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    Any druids:

    I miss swipe spam but otherwise tanking as a druid has not been to bad. I still don't get players that randomly start dpsing a target other then the one you are focusing on when u first pull. I have let a couple dps die that way to help learn them as they will get a real lesson when cata comes...
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    ROTC And Me

    Just be aware that ROTC is a long term commitment especially if you get a scholorship. 3-4 years college and upto 8 years active duty depending on the program you enter. Make sure you talk over it with the recruiter. My brother-in-law left ROTC mid college bacause God called him to missions and...
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    Lich King

    I will be on tonight to help tank or heal
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    Tek and Ember sequel announced, scheduled for Feb. 2011 release

    Congrats. And to help you name your new addition since you had such trouble picking WoW character names, I have decided to help. When in doubt, use the random character name generator: Castiffany Cacaliana Evirenceli Ione Kimisea Leatia Bethedia Hope these help.
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    Dalaran / Shattrath Portals Removal

    I think Flame just volunteered to be our GPS (guild portal system) and will now coveniantly park his character in the stormwind bank for all the guild to use.
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    Do Not Follow!

  16. Plankeye

    Do Not Follow!

    Ohio is not that bad, although if I could get back to Michigan I would.
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    Free Guild Bank Epics (EPGP will be charged)

    Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder - Planky (rogue alt)
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    Guild First!! LK DOWN!!

    w00t! Good job everyone.
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    Feral Druids (Bear)

    Quick question as I am started to do heroics on my Feral druid. It looks like we share a lot of the same gear as feral cats and rogues. Is it okay or even preferable to pickup strength/stam/defense/dodge rings and neck pieces or stick to agility gear?
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    I am afraid I won't be on much the next week to help. Going to indianna this weekend for a wedding and atlanta all next week. Get him down for me so when I come back I can be carried through the fight. ;)