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    Diablo III BattleTag list

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    Diablo III

    While in game, hit ESC to open the game menu, and click on the 'Open game to public' option.
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    Battle Tags

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    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    I haven't used Mumble, although I've just downloaded it, and haven't used TS in a couple years, so don't really have a particular opinion either way. I apparently have missed out on a bit of drama in this area, though, which is just fine by me. It seems an awfully silly thing to get all...
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    What do you win?
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    How many have pre-purchased GW2?

    I haven't pre-purchased yet, but plan to. With finals this coming Saturday through the first part of next week, beta this weekend would be a bad idea...
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    Is it possible? [NHL]

    The Blues are definitely looking good, but, as Icthus said, anything can happen. And this year's playoffs have already been weird. But I've gotta say, with my Ducks digging themselves into the Grand Canyon early in the season: Go Hawks!
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    Diablo 3

    Oh, I fully intend to play both. =)
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    Diablo 3

    I can't even get to the patcher. When the initial installation file is launched, it gets the the 'updating setup files' stage and crashes out. meaning I can't even get the whole setup file.
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    Diablo 3

    It's a shame it won't load. I'm getting the 'updating setup files' crashes that seem to be affecting a lot of people. None of the fixes seem to be working...
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    Back in my day... Game!

    Naaaaahhhmm! Back in my day you had to sleep for 8 hours before casting again.
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    Announcing... The Legacy of Elijah!!

    Sounds fantastic! Thanks for all the work getting this going. I can't wait!
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    Prayer for Baldee

    =( Praying.
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    And then someone stole your sweet roll.
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    Why yes, yes I am.
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    I swore that I was going to wait on Skyrim until I was done with my Calculus class. So, within 10 minutes of walking out of my final this past Saturday, I was carrying it out of the nearest Gamestop. =) (Impressed, Icthus? I finally figured out what that 'willpower' thing everyone was...
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    Welp, there goes Physics >.>

    Well, it's still way too early to day that Einstein was wrong, as there's tons more testing and verification of the results that needs to happen before we can say that the speed of light has actually been broken. Not to mention replicating the results at another site - all these tests have been...
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    So whats/was your Major in College?

    BA in history with a minor in economics. Now, 20 years later, I'm going back for a BS in mechanical engineering with the intention of then pursuing a doctorate.
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    New forums-wide limit of 100 pages (1,000 posts) per thread

    Yes, mostly Vikings. As far as recipes go, I'm not eating Vikings - that would be disgusting. Those guys like never took showers. Yuk.