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  1. silverleaf

    How should we deal with jehovah's witnesses?

    Thanks for that, next time they come round I will just say "No, thanks, I am a Christian who attends church regularly, and I strongly believe in the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit". Thankfully they aren't really argumentative unless provoked.
  2. silverleaf

    How should we deal with jehovah's witnesses?

    Indeed, gentleness and respect. I take it it's alright to reply to their 'good morning' then. Apparently, some Christians believe we should rebuke them harshly, not to wish them on their way. I have found this to be somewhat true when I once argued...
  3. silverleaf

    How should we deal with jehovah's witnesses?

    Dear friends, today, I was visited again by the local jehovah's witnesses. As usual, they came round with the whole family door to door. For some reason, they never really introduce themselves as jehovah's witnesses, and it isn't usually featured prominently on their brochures either...
  4. silverleaf

    Need a reference for countering same sex marriage arguments in an MMO

    I certainly don't believe you should be "marrying" anyone online, but think the feature is mainly there for people who are already married IRL to play together. Also appears thread deletions all round, so guess I won't need it anymore.
  5. silverleaf

    Need a reference for countering same sex marriage arguments in an MMO

    Hey folks. I'm a traditionalist. I'd appreciate a little help in my debate, and countering the "let's put gay marriage in this game" thread that pops up on my MMO forums every few days. Unfortunately, google is filled with pro-gay marriage sites and I can't find any usable sites to base a...
  6. silverleaf

    I Feel Like a Jumbled Mess Inside

    Outch, must be hard. Prayed.
  7. silverleaf

    Sinning in Video Game

    don't think this is an issue specific to video games, remember the good ol game of 'police and thief'? If you're fantasizing carrying it out though, that's a different matter. I don't know what the 'ideal' situation is, but just saying.
  8. silverleaf

    Pretty desperate, final exams.

    Praise the lord, passed. Was very worried. Going to handle my life before returning to gaming though, trying to get a grip, next year won't be easy.
  9. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Finally listened to the podcast. 12.05ish he talks about going down to church and receiving unconditional forgiveness and trying to forgive others. However, he ignores the verse that unless you forgive FIRST there's no forgiveness for you. A few moments earlier he talked about REFUSING to...
  10. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Thanks, didn't look at the podcast yet, pretty busy at the moment, so will just comment on the one on peacemakers. Good ideals, but you sure you extended that to EVERYONE? And the site does say we will fail very often, and that's an opportunity to get closer to God. Still, doesn't directly...
  11. silverleaf

    RIP Steve Jobs

    I originally wanted to elaborate more on this matter, but now isn't the time. No one *really* knows except God, but he was a buddhist. That's all for now. Just in case anyone didn't realize. So I'm not sure if that comment is really appropriate. But yeah, it's up to God to decide eh?
  12. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Yeah, I agree, that's not the question though. Not asking why or if we should forgive (we should). Asking what happens if our forgiveness is partial, will God's forgiveness be partial, none at all, or full? Ideally, we would forgive everyone and not condemn anyone, especially since we're so...
  13. silverleaf

    Tuesday 04 October, 2011

    While I'm living in what seems like utter darkness, I'll praise Him and look to Him for deliverance.
  14. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Yeah, thanks for that, and I know we're supposed to forgive, which is both what God wants, and is better for ourselves too. But my real question was "what happened to those who died in unforgiveness"? Even King David? What happens when you turn from forgiveness to hating that person again? David...
  15. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Yeah, the problem is now there's a contradiction. And what I gather from what you just said Now you just said some people were forgiven, even though they did not forgive.
  16. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    Yes, so essentially, there IS a way to send your worst enemy straight to hell, all you have to do is make sure he hates you, and then kill him before he forgives you. He dies in his unforgiveness. That's the problem here, in that case lots of 'Christian' prisoners of war would have not only...
  17. silverleaf

    Right shoulder and index finger pain

    Good to hear, any improvement? If it's painful, swells up, turns blue or worse no sensation, then please see someone about it... I'd normally recommend against not seeing a health provider but given your circumstances, I understand why you may not want to. Praying nonetheless.
  18. silverleaf

    Forgiveness and nonforgiveness?

    The Bible states pretty clearly "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". And this is again reinforced in the parable of the unmerciful servant. Yet, it is argued there is no 'unforgivable' sin. So what happens to people who die and have yet to forgive the people...
  19. silverleaf

    Friday, September 30, 2011: James 1:14

    Sad but true, 99.99% of the time, I only have myself to blame for my problems. For everything I do right, I do 1000 wrong. Most of these times, in fact all that I can remember, is due to me not asking 'what would God want me to do' and instead 'what I feel like doing'. Includes the lead up to...