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  1. DannyMeister

    Help a n00b out

    So, I just bought Minecraft Java Edition, after having played Bedrock on consoles for several years. I'd like to join our ToJ server and play with a few friends on PC. Given someone with no experience playing this game on PC, but familiar with Minecraft the game in general, any tips and setup...
  2. DannyMeister

    Tribe Of Judah MC - Member Registration

    Minecraft User Name: DannyMeister259 ToJ Roster Name: DannyMeister Have you ever been banned? (If so please list why): no Real First Name (optional): Danny Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 36 (man, maybe make some higher age brackets so i don't fit into the oldest :p) Do you belong to...
  3. DannyMeister

    Recommendations for high-end headphones?

    Waiting to hear recommendations here... I struggle with headphones. My current strategy is the most comfortable wired cheapo earbuds i've been able to find for listening on the go (JVC marshmallows) because i tend to break a lot of head phones and hate to keep recharging bluetooth, midrange...
  4. DannyMeister

    The role of forums in 2020?

    Just going to echo that we need a long term place for community-only discussion, and that forums are better for offline discussion. I have trouble ever chiming in on Discord because interesting conversation is already too far in the past.
  5. DannyMeister

    Free Subnautica and another game every two weeks after.

    Really impressed with the free game list so far. Subnautica, What Remains of Edith Finch, and the Jackbox Party Pack have all been on my Interested-But-Haven't-Purchased list. Grabbed those first two and will try to remember to get Jackbox next week. And of course Super Meat Boy is an...
  6. DannyMeister

    Script for pre-downloading all custom maps

    The sticky thread in this forum for pre-downloading maps does not have an up-to-date link for downloading the full pack. Downloading and unzipping one by one seemed like quite the chore, so I wrote a PowerShell...
  7. DannyMeister


    I was glad to be able to join you however briefly on Tuesday. I was getting stuck as spectator after the server filled, probably because I had to download custom maps on map switch which made me the late joiner. I wrote a script to download them and next week I'll hopefully sit in for a longer...
  8. DannyMeister

    Switching our server from UT3 to New UT?

    Updates are still coming out too frequently for any hosts to want to touch this. I tried running a dedicated server just once for LAN party and didn't have luck getting it to work, though plenty fo people do. Unfortunately my outbound bandwidth isn't near good enough for a server.
  9. DannyMeister

    Unreal Monday

    GG's tonight! While I was on we had a total of 7, though as usual, not everybody got on at once. :) Fortunately this is a game where a match with 3 or 4 is amazing.
  10. DannyMeister

    Anyone seen Toxikk ???

    Toxikk has looked like it probably has pretty good gameplay. My favorite thing so far is the trailer though. Nice to see that there's a backlash in recent times against some of the game design that has become all-too-prevalent. One thing that Toxikk hasn't done which Reflex might, is be a...
  11. DannyMeister

    The future of Unreal Tournament

    Fortunately you are very mistaken. Nothing in the base game requires unlocks or payments. The marketplace will just be for 3rd party content and up to content authors whether it is free or for pay. UT will simply be free. The way they are really making money off of this is all the engine...
  12. DannyMeister

    The future of Unreal Tournament

    We know that UT maps tend to be pretty diverse, but here's a sneak peak of a map currently in development for the new UT.
  13. DannyMeister

    So I hit this IP count today....

    Lots of gift unlocks for me!!!!! :D
  14. DannyMeister

    New ut 3 patch.

    Oh and MH, now you can get your old name back :)
  15. DannyMeister

    New ut 3 patch.

    The new patch should be pushed to clients through Steam, but so far mine hasn't. Folks will retail installations will need to make sure to go download and apply that patch themselves. Your login will no longer work! You will need to create a new one. Probably just use the same username and...
  16. DannyMeister

    The future of Unreal Tournament

    After all these years of feeling that it was dead, we've finally got some official word. It's coming back!
  17. DannyMeister

    Kindle recommendations please

    Don't forget about 3rd party sources for Kindle books as well. Things like . I would suggest using calibre if you want to do much transferring of 3rd party books to your Kindle. Edit: Oh, er, come to think of it, since you have the Android...
  18. DannyMeister

    IMPORTANT! Most Tribe of Judah members will need to reapply at the new site

    I received an email from RhemaTom this morning saying that I had been imported and had a random password, along with instructions for password retrieval, so I'm squared away. Thanks! Not sure if Tom sent me the email manually, or if it was somehow delay triggered from my signup attempt last...