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    To complete the wow forum like hijacking...who likes pie?
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    Help with Understanding -> Being a Druid in a Christian Guild

    Do we as Christians ban television because it contains sexually explicit material, commercials promoting an ideal that we likely do not share, or all music who’s author does not share Christian values? Do we ban all things that may be seen as a conflict with our faith? How far do we separate...
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    What is your Medieval vocational personality...

    I do believe that is the point of the exercise. Every personality type has a place within the corporate kingdom. The challenge would be to incorporate all these differing personality types into a corporate entity.
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    new mage class

    Heres something that mages need. Improved Vending Machine Increases the effect of water and food by 10% Clearly in keeping with the intended purpose of the class >:) All in jest
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    What is your Medieval vocational personality...

    Your distinct personality, The Engineer-Builder might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Your overriding goal is to stick with the plan and get the job done. "If it ain't broken don't fix it." is your motto. You provide structure and stability to your world. Your procedures...
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    The debuff more than likely does not stack with thunder clap, making it kinda less usefull for a prot warrior. The imp version of thunder clap will override it. Thunderfury proc does not stack for instance. Neither does icy chill. I am not sure what other enchants besides mongoose would do in...
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    made me laugh forever, motlen core console

    If only they could implement April fools pranks in game. Every bear within 40 yrds aggros when you skin a bear...Excellent. Critters turn into hostile 70 elites...mooahah. >:)
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    Cat Star Wars

    That is so terrible it is funny.
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    Crazy accident Here is the link to the video...
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    Tank Gear for an Arms Warrior

    It has been awhile since I last ran with my warrior, but he did manage to get 490 defense without touching kara or any heroic. In between quest and instance drops you should be able to reach 490 defense without too much issue. My warrior also had no talents giving him defense. In between geming...
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    What do we need more of here?

    What we need is an enhance shammy to run kara and stuff with my ret pally. I mean, ya healers and tanks...;)
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    shadow lab/attunement run Wednesday?

    I am willing to help. My game time is limited to weekends and some evenings. Hope to catch online when you need others for your run.
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    Star Wars according to a 3 year old

    Watch out for that Darth Vader, he'll get ya.
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    2.4 Patch - New PTR Build

    Damage from ret pvp sets goes down in exchange for resilience. Still the best you can get outside of raiding, but a bummer none the less. At least arena grind won't be as painful.
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    Warrior builds?

    The arms/prot spec got a fairly significant buff to threat generation with the new improved tactical mastery talents. They add an improved threat component to mortal strike and bloodthirst. As long as you get defiance in prot you can tank any 5 man content. It was previously mentioned, but 490...
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    Damage meter mods

    Is there a way you can set SWStats to reset it's measurements for a given encounter? Or perhaps start another "session" or instanciation that one could use to measure his/her performance over a given encounter week by week? Also is there a mod, in addition to a dam meter or a dam meter that...
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    Damage meter mods

    I can see where some take damage meters too far, like in a pug for example, but as a raid leader I would view it as a useful tool to bring as much information as possible concerning the raid performance. The more statistics that one can bring to bear, the better off you will be in diagnosing...
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    Damage meter mods

    Baraach, That sounds more like a choice in casting sequence more than anything. Perhaps only 1 or two sunders in on a regular mob then your heavy damage abilities should come to play. Is it worth stacking 5 sunders when the mob will die before you can really use them effectively? It would make...
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    It was alot of fun. Got to dps ret for the first time, and it was a total blast to do that. Thanks for the fun time. Sorry I had to leave after gar, but needed the time to upgrade gear. Till next time, Sean
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    Damage meter mods

    I am currently using swstats to measure my toons dps. I am curious as to whether different damage meter mods provide different measures of dps, and if they do, which is most accurate. I guess it could depend on how each mod measures the dps. I am unfamiliar as to how each mod measures this dps...