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  1. RyanB


    Agreed on the homepage bit...had noticed that but also have ultra-wide monitors. Gonna remove some of the duplicate/unneeded modules there to get it down to 2 columns. Dragonhawk did a great job setting that up, just looking to modify a bit and get some activity going. So far it's really nice...
  2. RyanB

    Memory leak issues

    Will be praying for you. At least I trust you won't forget your dislike for charr!
  3. RyanB

    Story Mode Night

    Ursen - Wizard and Mr Oats both need you should hit them up. I also like doing it just for the fun of it...great dungeon imo.
  4. RyanB

    Are we still allowed?

    Well I'm certainly excited for you! Woo!
  5. RyanB

    Karma and my new wallet...

    Definitely open them...I'd just wait until you get a good set of boosters going. I kick guild karma off every Friday evening so it lasts the night and most of Saturday. Outside of that it should be pretty easy to find a heroes banner by the bank, get ice cream, and kick off one of those many...
  6. RyanB

    Zones for leveling 50-60

    Timberline falls is my favorite zone, I think. I also share your affinity for snow zones Tek, but Timberline takes the cake for me due to the mountains, pines, and streams. IIRC, they modeled it after Alaska or something like that.
  7. RyanB

    Brian is an idiot. It's ok you can agree.

    10 copper sounds about right. Speaking of GW1...need to log in there sometime and see what sort of Minis I have going Surely they could be of use to someone.
  8. RyanB

    Poor man's transfer

    Welcome, direpath! It definitely sounds like you made the right choice - you can get your levels back quickly, but 1800 gems is 2 extra character slots! Thanks for joining us on SoR, and I look forward to playing with youl :)
  9. RyanB

    GB Blueprints

    Remember that blueprints stack, so...we shouldn't be THAT swamped. :) I wasn't able to drop them on top of a stack, though, so I had to pull them out to my inventory, stack, then re-insert in GB.
  10. RyanB

    Newsflash: Disney has established their own Krewe

    Heh it definitely flopped. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it was clear they were going for a Pirates feel that fell pretty flat. Fortunately for me it passed from the "hey this is sort of bad" to "so B movie it's now super enjoyable" and had a great time. :)
  11. RyanB

    Spoiler: The source of the sanctum's power

    Okay it's not so much a spoiler if it's on an official blog post, but this living story is starting to get very interesting.
  12. RyanB

    Jobs, Church Ministry, and Discouragement

  13. RyanB

    Weapon set swaps

    Well assuming your not actually "in combat", I find the fastest way to swap is from the hero screen.
  14. RyanB

    thinking about an upgrade..any thoughts?

    You can do exactly what Ursen is suggesting - remove old drive, put blank one in, and reinstall away. The only negative there is it's a royal pain in the butt - installing windows, updates, reinstalling programs, re-downloading programs, etc. Cloning a drive just makes a full copy bit by...
  15. RyanB

    thinking about an upgrade..any thoughts?

    If by "performance" you mean how fast your computer boots and loads an area, then yes. If by performance you mean your FPS, then no. Sounds to me like your framerates are already great, though. :) A couple of notes on your Mushkin: I've never heard of these guys, but 53 reviews and 4.5 stars...
  16. RyanB

    thinking about an upgrade..any thoughts?

    What you want is an SSD. You can have more than one drive, you know! ZERO actual research done to compare price or similar brand, but this is what I'm running so I can vouch for it. Bought mine around December I think, was good price/space then...
  17. RyanB

    thinking about an upgrade..any thoughts?

    Concerning bottlenecks, HDD only has to do with your loading speed, not how it performs in game. Don't get me wrong, that's HUGE! I love loading up LA in 5 secons on my SSD. Huge quality of life saver there, especially when I'm trying to WP chain to save silver. In-game, large lags tend to...
  18. RyanB

    iPhone 4 or gs3

    A little bit of a dig, but I'd suggest GS3 simply because it won't mysteriously start running super slow the moment the next shiny version comes out.
  19. RyanB

    Microsoft loves console gamers

    Great point! This is one of the reasons people love Steam so much. Anyone remember having a huge binder full of games young and old, trying to keep track of keys, etc? Go to install...crap, time to update. Oops...updates not working for some reason. What a pain. Got a new computer? Time...
  20. RyanB

    Microsoft loves console gamers

    Now be nice, Odale. It's only a flesh wound!