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  1. Japesland

    What will you spend your Club Nintendo Coins on?

    I was kind of excited to check out what goodies I could pick up with my remaining coins... until I checked and realized I have none left...
  2. Japesland

    PSN - Golden Week Sale Celebrates Japanese Games

    Everyone beat me to the Niño Kuni jokes... I ended up picking up Tales of Symphonia, Armored Core: Verdict Day, and Muramasa (already own the physical special edition, but figured it would be easier to access a digital copy and less games to carry around).
  3. Japesland

    Playstation Vita users?

    I feel like I'm late to the party!
  4. Japesland

    Does anybody play BlazBlue?

    Supposedly Tek liked it as well, but is boycotting it because it's region-locked :P
  5. Japesland

    Does anybody play BlazBlue?

    I have played it a little bit (I owned the PS3 version for a short time and I have a digital version on the Vita thanks to PS+). It's quite good for the genre, but I am a bigger fan of Persona 4 Arena because it is a bit more entry-level friendly in the genre of arcade fighters.
  6. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    I'm assuming you meant "was awful," because it was, indeed, awful (the pacing, anyway).
  7. Japesland

    PS Vita Japanese Game Sale

    If you are like me and you have a Vita, Playstation Plus, and LOVE Japanese games (I'm probably the only one in CGA who fits those three categories, but who knows...) then I'm sure you will appreciate Sony's current sale as much as I have been! I can't wait to dig into some of these games...
  8. Japesland

    Lost Planet 2

    I played quite a lot of the LP online demo when it was still available, but never did get around to purchasing the game. One of my siblings had it for a time, and when he was visiting over Christmas a few years back we played it for a bit, but it didn't seem to strike my fancy.
  9. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    As with most popular anime it simply gets overhyped. I gave the series a 7/10. Good but not great. However, while it was airing I saw nothing but SAO fan art everywhere.
  10. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    I like it, but I am greatly fatigued by its current fanbase. Feels like Sword Art Online all over again...
  11. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    Blaaargh, I don't think I can talk anime with Tek :P
  12. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    Tek: Apparently we have quite different tastes, despite a lot of overlap (I still don't get how I like Nichijou because I think it's similar to Lucky Star and K-On but you hate it because it's totally different. I feel like it can't be both similar and different simultaneously). Kendrik: I...
  13. Japesland

    Summer 2013 anime

    Well I am planning to watch: Free! Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (Season 2) The World God Only Knows (Season 3) and will be continuing: A Certain Scientific Railgun Attack on Titan Oreimo 2 (they are releasing three OVAs this season to follow-up last season) This summer...
  14. Japesland

    So I just picked up a Playstation Vita...

    Tek: The memory cards are expensive because they are trying to make money back on the hardware. The Vita and 3DS are much more similar in price than they are in manufacturing cost, so, as annoying as it is, they have to make money somewhere. Mine came with an 8gb, which isn't that much, but...
  15. Japesland

    So I just picked up a Playstation Vita...

    ...and I am absolutely LOVING it! Seriously, the device took me totally by surprise! I only picked it up because a friend offered it to me for an excellent price and I already have about 15 games for it via Playstation Plus and the PS3/Vita cross-buy system. Right now I am playing through...
  16. Japesland

    Project DIVA

    ...And then importing the original Japanese title!
  17. Japesland

    Microsoft loves console gamers

    I think Microsoft was better off leaving things as they were, but the fact is: consoles and PCs are two very different platforms. Gamers who play games that are often multiplatform and have the same or similar functionality on both (such as many Xbox 360 users for instance) would not be terribly...
  18. Japesland

    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Once the release date rolls around I may end up finding myself more interested. The PS3 version is definitely a possibility, though considering how many credit hours I will have this semester and the particular classes I will be taking, my free time probably won't be as free as usual.
  19. Japesland

    Sony loves console gamers

    Looks like my automatic update didn't pick it up. やった!