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    !WotLK TCG Cards

    Pm in your inbox now.
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    woltk release date confirmed

    $69.99 as of today on
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    Removing a few toons from the guild

    Hey guy, I am not putting them anywhere else, I am just not playing much atm. Since we are always near the cap I am going to remove all but 2 from the guild, so no worries about me leaving, although I would have to be playing some to be leaving, lol.
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    What is your Medieval vocational personality...

    Oh no, I am manipulative! Your distinct personality, The Benevolent Ruler might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You are the idealistic social dreamer. Your overriding goal is to solve the people problems of your world. You are a social reformer who wants everyone to be...
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    Leveling 59 - 65 test results

    Ok, My highest right now is 63, and since I am trying to save for a flyer, and an epic flyer, let me ask some points of advice. Enchants, worth the money on this lower level gear? So far I have purchased some of the +10 stamina patches, but other than that I have ignored Enchants for the most...
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    I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you 70's out there for taking us. It was my first raid ever, and I got 3 purple drops. It was the night for Rogues for sure. Anyways, thanks for doing a lower level raid. It let me participate and actually get to do something with some of the people...
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    WotLK Gear reset, housing, lag fix, Players AFK in AV banned, blue posts

    In Dark Ages of Camelot, Player housing really killed the major cities. Instead of porting there and conducting business as usual, everyone was in their individual house. Made it hard to meet anyone new, and really made the cities ghost towns.
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    Joining AV as a group

    So Sam, Which one do you want to try?
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    I really enjoy Guitar Hero 2 & 3. Also Rockband. I also am enjoying Ace Combat 6 currently. If you like driving games, Forza 2 is excellent. Been playing it since it came out.
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    Welcome and such. Enjoy, and let me know if you need anything in game. I play characters that usually start with some Prime name.
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    Do you dislike your character's name?

    Maybe we need to make our guild motto "Our Guild's Bank toons can beat up your Guild's Bank toons"
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    Prayer for Jen's Brother

    Without a doubt me and my wife will pray you and your family.
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    I really like the idea. Good stuff, all of this work you are doing.
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    I have 3 that I use differently. I have a NKJ version because that is the one my pastor uses most, and I like it to match what he reads and such. I have my first Bible, which was a NIV. Finally I have a NAS that I got during college since my professors preferred it for homework and such...
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    WotLK and Warhammer

    Gamstop Release Date If you go to gamestop to pre-order it, they are currently listing the Pre-Release date as 11/03/08. now that date always changes, but that is their analysts best guess. They tend to be pretty close I believe, so I am thinking 13 months from now or so, In time for Christmas...
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    WotLK and Warhammer

    An Expansion a Year I agree with you. I had always hear Blizzard wanted to do one expansion a year. I wonder why it is not happening at that rate.
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    Paladin vs. That G-Word

    Ummm Paladin
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    Polar bear and Husky playing together ...

    My reponse was simply, well huh. Don't try this at home kids.
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    starwars galaxies

    Not any more It has been since WOW came out that I played. It just never delivered the Star Wars expierence I wanted.
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    Rogue Assistance please

    Here is my build. I am just level 39, so don't think I know this is best. I just like the damage I think this build will do.