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  1. TheMonkey

    Redeemed 2014

    I am Themonkey and I approve this post!
  2. TheMonkey

    Redeemed 2014

    Themonkey wonders how this is going?
  3. TheMonkey


    Themonkey is wondering, how is the raiding going?
  4. TheMonkey

    Virtual Realms

    Themonkey spent the day burning banana chocolate chip muffins. Themonkey would say that Themonkey is a sad panda but themonkey knows that would not make sense. Comprehending the idea of themonkey.themonkeyserver.stormstoutbrewery as an in game mail address causes Themonkeys banana loaf to...
  5. TheMonkey

    Virtual Realms

    Some say, TheMonkey eats Banana's by the bunch; And that she often uses the men's bathroom and does so correctly; All we know is that TheMonkey is not you.
  6. TheMonkey

    Virtual Realms

    TheMonkey enjoys reading speculation about why or why not somebody does or does not do something. TheMonkey thinks and wonders about the same things and considers the following issues: 1. GUILD NAMES There are 54 guilds named Redeemed. In a server merge, which guild keeps their name and...
  7. TheMonkey

    Did Redeemed Die?

    TheMonkey is glad to hear that you have done alright! You make TheMonkey proud to have known you!
  8. TheMonkey

    Did Redeemed Die?

    Hi Proeliator, what are you upto? Playing with you, your brother and dad was always great times.
  9. TheMonkey

    Patch 5.2 - Thunder King

    Themonkey says Shadow Pan Assualt faction has a new quartermaster to sell you items, based on your faction rep for them, for justice points, valor points and gold and sometimes, bananas!
  10. TheMonkey

    Don't shoot me, but who's going to GW2??

    ThemonkeysUncle: Hey Themonkey, what are you doing? Themonkey: I am changing the oil in my car. ThemonkeysUncle: Why? Themonkey: A properly maintained engine does not break down as quick. Regular maintenance prolongs life. ThemonkeysUncle: Hey, Themonkey, what are you doing...
  11. TheMonkey

    ...using the phrase "OM-" (As in Oh My ***) and other 'Almost Blasphemies'.

    Themonkey thinks that maybe that the commandment has nothing to do with cussing and swearing. Themonkey has worked in vain before. That is, Themonkey has worked expecting a result and then the expectation did not pan out. Themonkey then realized that sometimes, Themonkey doesn't have control...
  12. TheMonkey

    What is the most important issue facing the Church today.

    Themonkey thinks the most important issue facing the church in the western world is complacency of society in it's belief that God is not relevant in their lives. Western society has allowed a narcissistic view of itself to replace God.
  13. TheMonkey

    A Bit of Philosophy! I need your opinions!

    Themonkey figures that the theoretical unstoppable force or an irresistible force is defined as a force that no known object is able to resist the force's state changing power. And the theoretical unmovable object is an object of such mass that no known force is able to act up on it to cause it...
  14. TheMonkey

    Missing Poll

    Themonkey wanted to be a professional banana peeler.
  15. TheMonkey

    A Bit of Philosophy! I need your opinions!

    Themonkey was thinking about "Can God create an object that God can not move?" Themonkey contemplated the ramifications of answering "no." Does answering no infer that God is limited or that 'yes' is a viable alternative. Themonkey then asked, maybe the better question is (within...
  16. TheMonkey

    A Bit of Philosophy! I need your opinions!

    Themonkey says you are simply wrong. An unmovable object is not the same as an unstoppable force...never, ever. Themonkey says, by your logic, the answer to the question of "To whom is the bachelor married" is correctly answered, his wife. Themonkey assumes you can see why the answer of "his...
  17. TheMonkey

    Stepping Down

    TheMonkey wonders if: Et tu brootis would be an apropros statement at this time?
  18. TheMonkey

    NEW CO-GL's!

    TheMonkey wants to see more banana themed events. TheMonkey has spoken!
  19. TheMonkey

    Hi Peeps

  20. TheMonkey

    USAF shoots down North Korean missile after launch.

    TheMonkey heard the USAF used sharks with lazers on their heads!