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  1. Grimbeorn

    Estebar Looking for Christian Guild as (Withans)

    Which character did you send it to? I haven't been playing my higher level ones in quite a while. If you want to get a hold of me the most reliable way is probably to use forum messages. (I get an email when a pm shows up, so I'm more likely to catch it quickly that way. As for joining CfD, I...
  2. Grimbeorn

    Anyone here? Looking to join guild

    Well, that isn't entirely true. I still play from time to time, but I'm not a subscriber anymore. Aside from me, though, you'd probably be right to say that CfD is dead. I'll probably be on some over the next few days since the expansion is coming out, so if there's a particular time when...
  3. Grimbeorn

    Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion

    Well I just resubscribed in order to get my cartel coins, so maybe I should go ahead and get the expansion as well. I'm definitely interested to see what sorts of things they add to the class storylines.
  4. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR going F2P

    And if you are a subscriber you actually get access to 3 crew skills.
  5. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR going F2P

    If you can catch me online I'll be happy to toss you an invite. You might need to try and catch me on steam or something, though, because my play time is pretty erratic. I'm with you on the storylines. KOTOR is one of my favorite games ever and KOTOR 2 was pretty good too. I've finished 3 of...
  6. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR going F2P

    Well I'm fine with you holding on to it for now, at least. I don't intend to resubscribe and my other characters still have high enough rank to promote members and such. So it doesn't really matter to me. I suppose we could become a free-to-play guild if necessary, but I think we'd need to...
  7. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR going F2P

    Well that would explain it. I wonder what would have happened if we'd had no more subscribers in the guild.
  8. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR going F2P

    I've been pretty busy with Grad School over the last few months, and MMO's haven't really seemed that interesting to me lately to be honest. I may play some over the next few weeks, though. I still keep an eye on these forums and I pop on to steam (username is D4rthSp0ck) fairly often, so if...
  9. Grimbeorn


    Hmm. It's almost like Marinus told my WoW story. The time frames of when I picked up and left off are a bit different from his, but the impressions I had of the various expansions are mostly the same. I was forced to stop playing WoW shortly after the Ulduar patch in Wrath, but I Wrath was...
  10. Grimbeorn

    Anyone playing anymore?

    If you guys still have trouble catching each other, you can also try catching me on steam. Lately when I'm on I've been mostly playing games that I picked up during the steam summer sale, but I'll happily hop on to TOR long enough to get guild invites out. My steam name is d4rthsp0ck.
  11. Grimbeorn

    SWTOR goes free-to-play this fall

    I also just get the feeling that subscription MMOs are kind of dying off right now. I'm not sure how many subscribers WoW has these days, but I get the feeling that it has lost quite a few subscribers as well. Pretty much since Blizzard announced Hello Panda Island Adventure (aka Mists of...
  12. Grimbeorn


    If any of you haven't gotten those characters into the guild by Saturday, post here and I'll try to find a time to catch you online and ginvite them. I have a deadline tomorrow that's been keeping me busy, so I won't be available until then.
  13. Grimbeorn

    Guild Bank

    Just so everyone knows, our guild bank just got re-added on the new server. Took Bioware's customer service a few days to do it, but it wasn't too bad.
  14. Grimbeorn

    I think I have a major problem with SWTOR

    Well I have high synthweaving, artifice, cybertech, and biochem. Not sure who else has what. You can certainly do whatever professions you prefer, though. I don't think we are really at a point where we need any professions for operations or anything like that.
  15. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    The guild is now recreated on The Bastion. I've given all members invite priviliges, at least for the time being. Just make sure that when you invite someone that they are a member of TOJ, or at least have an application in.
  16. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    Ok, well I'll be on my Sorcerer (Grimburzshakh) until that time rolls around. I'm also in mumble, so just let me know who's online.
  17. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    Well, the Called from Darkness guild on Warriors of the Shadow has been disbanded. My last Empire character on that server is being transferred now.
  18. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    Yes, that's correct.
  19. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    Oh, and by the way, if you are transferring any level 50 characters you might want to create characters on WotS that can ignore the race requirements before you go transferring. Not sure if this affects anyone else or not, but I decided to go make a Sith Pureblood Jedi Knight and a Chiss Jedi...
  20. Grimbeorn

    Official: Changing Servers

    I've been observing the population on The Bastion over the last couple days and I've decided there's no point in dragging my feet. Anyone who was waiting, go ahead and start transferring characters over to The Bastion. Called from Darkness is officially transferring. I am thinking that we...