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  1. AmericanJudkins

    LoL summoners names...

    Hey all! Here's my summoner name: Joeyface I've been on this forum on and off since '05 (Guild Wars :). I'm excited to play with y'all again.
  2. AmericanJudkins

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    AmericanJudkins.1724 I played years ago with SOE - and I'm excited to play tonight with everyone!
  3. AmericanJudkins

    Good Friday Video

    Hey everyone, You may or may not know that I'm a Creative Director for a church, and I specialize in video and motion graphics. This year, I created a video for the Good Friday service we'll be hosting tomorrow evening, and I thought I would share it with you. It's going to lead in to the...
  4. AmericanJudkins

    Tier 11 and 12 Drakes/Cheeves???

    Are you guys still doing these? I'd love to join. Let me know when the next run of the "older" content is. I'm an 85, but not qualified for the higher raids, so I'm interested in doing the lower-tier stuff.
  5. AmericanJudkins


    Welp, I'm out. I wish I could do something with you guys... Anyone up for a lower-level raid to help me gear up? I'm at about ilvl 345.
  6. AmericanJudkins


    Can I come? I'd love to join you guys. I'm having a hard time figuring out the WowHeroes site to figure out the "appropriate gear" issue. I have a Pally Tank I'd like to take on the raid - what ilvl do I need to be? -JJ
  7. AmericanJudkins

    Word Association II

  8. AmericanJudkins

    Starting out Raiding

    Hi Forgiven! You might have seen me out and about on WoW as one of three characters: Chickypotpie (83 paladin), Garlictoast (47 Rogue), or Hindemyth (43 Mage). I started playing last November, and while I love the variety in WoW, especially with leveling, professions, and instances, I keep...
  9. AmericanJudkins


    Hey, I'm new so I'm not sure what materials you might need... but I wanted to see if you could hook me up with a few bags for my lvl 11 Paladin "Chickypotpie." It would just be nice to not have to keep running to town to trade off my stuff :D
  10. AmericanJudkins

    How to get invited?

    Hahhahaha thank you. Will do.
  11. AmericanJudkins

    How to get invited?

    Hey everyone, I just picked up WoW for the FIRST TIME ($5, couldn't pass it up) and I'm trying to figure out how to get rolling. My only MMO experience is in Guild wars, which I spent over 2 years playing. But there I felt like there were tons more people running around that you could quest...
  12. AmericanJudkins

    Reach: Unranked Games?

    Hey all, My wife and I want to play Halo: Reach together, but she and I are both still learning the game mechanics/weapons/etc. We'd like to be able to play against random opponents but be in "unranked" social matches like there used to be in Halo 3. In the Reach manual, it says that you...
  13. AmericanJudkins

    Alienware Tournament Replays

    Hey guys, I just lost the first round... but it was really fun! The guy was really cool - a rank 20+ diamond (lucky me). I got about 2/3 of his final score. Here's the replay.
  14. AmericanJudkins

    Alienware Tournament Incoming

    Just joined! I'm excited guys!
  15. AmericanJudkins

    Favorite Cheese Build

    Aw man I was hoping he would somehow blow us all away with his awesome cheese.
  16. AmericanJudkins

    Best Anti Cheese

  17. AmericanJudkins

    Video: Neural Parasite on Mothership

    What's happening with the stalkers? They don't look like they have an infestor controlling them - how did they end up turning against the protoss team?
  18. AmericanJudkins

    Need stories of teens connecting with God/each other!

    Moderator's note: Thread moved to CGA General Discussion. Hey Christian Gamers, I'm creating a video promotion for my upcoming youth conference, which has the theme of "Live in Love." It's going to focus on youth learning to love themselves, each other, and the world, through the grace God...
  19. AmericanJudkins

    What are your ideas for "fixes?"

    I'm also hearing (more frequently now) stories of top Korean players changing from Zerg to Terran.