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    Application and Introduction

    I should be on tonight, I am actually on right now. :)
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    Application and Introduction

    Hello Looking for some Life Toon's name is Bregodin and am a Jedi Knight. Looking to hook up with like minded gamers. I have played every mmo you could think of and was part of Mustard Seed Conspiracy for a season on WOW. My TOJ name is mel2rich too. Oh about me: Father of three, been...
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    The person below me...

    Treu <--- I think that is how the french spell it. or it could just be my bad kyboarding skills> The person below me has gone camping in the last 3 months.
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    Open World RvR Night!

    that looks awesome. Sorry I missed it.
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    welcome to redeemed. :)
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    Introduction of Zebulon

    Welcome! :)
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    Open World RvR Night!

    Well. I am out. :( I am going to see Quarentine with some freinds and my wife is going dress shopping because....WE GOT THE GRANDPARENTS TO WATCH THE KIDDOS ALL WEEKEND!!!! CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE MEL IS COOKIN?!!!! ARE YOU PICKING UP WHAT I AM THROWING DOWN?!!!!! I am excited can you tell...
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    Favorite/Worse food?

    I jst threw up in my mouth a little bit. :|
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    Favorite/Worse food?

    @Goblit - tongue? did you throw that in there to see if anyone was actually reading it? lol. Sorry that just threw me off. Fav now: Big Country Breakfast from IHOP Fav then: Grilled Cheese Worst now: Peanutbutter Chicken (its a real thing, Tai I think) Worst then: Anything with Onions.
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    I think I know what I need to do? But I can not

    Alcorn, Thanks so much for being so open. I know that I am new here, but since we are all brothers and sisters in Chirst I figured I would say something. A lot has already been said that I wont repeat, but one thing I will heavly agree with is what Icthus said about talking to your wife. A lot...
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    @Snuffle - Oh man I love boulder. I spent a couple of years there when I was younger. I miss it a lot. It has probably changed since I was there, but man what a beautiful place.
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    Hello Redeemed

    welcome. :)
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    Hello All!

    Yea I need to get on vent too. :)
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    Open World RvR Night!

    I want to join up. I wonder if I will get a tome unlock for +100 deaths in less than 30 minutes. Josia the Squishy.
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    Burn the Witch!

    "If she weighs the same as a duck then she is a witch!" So my "official" Main toon is Josia the Witch Hunter. I wanted to start a Thread on discussing this class. Anyone found any good Witch Hunter sites or articles? Any advice or comments on the class? Put them all here and lets...
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    A warning about post counts

    I need a clever signiture. Hmm. any suggestions? I was thinking: Kill the guy with he thing! but that seems a little violent. :)
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    The person below me...

    True! The person below me wants a cinnimon roll. And can correctly spell cinnamon. lol.
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    Why are we so old?

    We are not old, we are "refined" :)
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    Servers down for 1.0.2 patch

    Thanks for the post. :)