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    Sorry, I think I did it wrong the first time lol. I am looking to join a community of christian gamers and hopefully find some in the FFXIV player base.
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    Should Christians Accept LGBTQ?

    It's no secret that the Bible condemns homosexuality in both the old and new testament. It's called an abomination. This is the Word of God. However, the Bible also says not to judge. To love others. This suggests that homosexuality is a sin but that we should still love the sinner and hate...
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    It's no secret that Final Fantasy XIV has rocketed to the top of the mmo world. Alas, there's also scarcely any christian fellowships or community on it at all. The first time I found a Christian fellowship "FFXIV Conservatives", it suddenly ceases to exist overnight. Another fellowship...
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    Hello, jlwelch here. Glad to find a community of good people left in the world. I was thinking it might be good to create separate sections. For example, we could have a forum for final fantasy xiv, a forum for among us, and so on. That way, it will be easy to find other christian people to...