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    a 4th Topic is STARTED!!!

    Wow....its amazing how many secrets are being held in the JCHC forums that are not even JCHC Secrets.....It appears to me that we have become the dumping grounds of other guilds top secret secrets. I therefore instate a tax that is to be paid every time there is a secret that is kept here...
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    Well, Susan the Gentle and I have invested into the expansion and are now looking forward to going through dungeons with everyone, and the heroes that we didnt get in prophesies....yeah... Anyhoo, looking forward to running a bunch of junk in EOTN.
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    Anybody still read these?

    lol, what secret? I am pretty sure that I have heard nothing about a secret. There are no whisperings of a secret...
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    Anybody still read these?

    secrets, secrets are no fun....secrets secrets hurt someone....
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    Anybody still read these?

    Well thats awesome! nice to know that this is an awesome place! Now....for bonus extra credit, what does JCHC stand for? I really have no idea, and I cant find anyone who does... unless zanthox does...
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    Anybody still read these?

    Hey, just wondering how many people still try to read the JCHC forums... Im kinda new to JCHC, been a few months, but now I am getting back into the game, and I am looking forward to more endgame things. I am glad that there is a christian alliance on the internet, had no idea that this...
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    Guild Vs Guild

    Let me know when, and i will see if i can join you for the evening. It all depends on what i need to have accomplished, and what i have to do with Lauren that evening. Heres to a fun campaign of gvging!