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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Also late: character: Arks Lina GW2 ID: Zanthox.7054
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    LoE Census for GW2

    I thought I was going to fall deeply in love with the Sylvari... While I enjoyed what I played of two of the starting stories I still liked humans better. Then I played Asuran and I have to agree with Keero and then some. Pretty much everything about them is great. Female\Asura\ele (Arks Lina)...
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    Pizza. Always, all the time.
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    Legacy of Elijah Server Discussion

    Is there a particular reason Sorrows Furnace was left out? I don't really care which server we get on but I have a couple local friends getting on SF so I wouldn't mind it if the landscape seemed good. Obviously not an issue that should sway the guild as a whole, though.
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    Official Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign-Ups

    Signed up and can't wait!
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    TOJ takes on Castle Crashers Insane Mode

    I'm up for it! anytime. Just hit me up on steam/aim and I'll join up.
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    Castle Crashers - August 31st release

    Already playing like crazy, and will be in a few hours... If anyone is on message me so we can play together.
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    The ownage has arrived.

    Nice! I've heard several games have mouse/keyboard support on PS3 but this is epic.
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    Please Read: PS3 Game Nights

    Uncharted 2 or LBP are the two I'm down with. And I work every weekend (nights), so a week night would be better for me.
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    Can't wait!
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    So Littlebigplanet2......

    I'm sure a few people will get mad, but man, it looks amazing. Especially since EVERYTHING (so they say now...) will carry over to LBP2 from LBP. Amazing.
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    not really ps3 related, but......

    I'm saving for a PSP soon... I WILL have one by P3P's release... I knew I was going to have to get one when Valkyria Chronicles 2 was announced for PSP sooo yeah.. Soon.
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    3D Dot Game Heroes Comes to USA May 11, 2010

    Well, I've just started Darksiders for my post OoT Zelda fix and 3D dot game heroes is going to be next on my list for the pre OoT Zelda fix... I can't wait!
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    Is multiplayer kind of dead?

    School keeps me super busy too... But I've mostly been playing MAG online, that game is puuuurty sweet!
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    Done, and done!
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    Borderlands PC Patch

    Argg. Well, at least we can tell they are working on it.
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    Netflix coming to PS3

    It will require a disc for a while at least.. But yeah, as soon as I move out I can't wait to get this!
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    Game night(s)?

    Hmm, I work/have church most nights... And have crazy homework.. Mon/Tues are the only days I can really promise anything... Other than the general "after 11ish Eastern at night."
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    Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo is OUT NOW!

    I've got it, I'm still constantly busy with college but I'll be checking if anyone else is on it during my free time so I can join it.
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    Document allegedly leaks details of meeting between Sony and SEGA

    Bleh, they aren't going to do backwards compatibility, they are going to make them downloadable so they can charge us again... and as the only person in the world to never get a ps2 I don't mind to much.