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    New name. GRRRR

    Another guild, another server, we have a member who loves bowling. He's from New Hampshire. I've played along side him 3 different games spanning 6 years. Because he's from New Hampshire and is an avid bowler, he always uses the name of NHBowler. I got him playing WoW - he created...
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    Christian Clans Article

    Hmmmmm interesting article I suppose. I read enough to make me want to /ignore it, but I applaud my brother's desire to act upon that which he feels called to. Really? 75% of the U.S. citizenship is Christian? Maybe if they are counting check marks in little boxes on hospital admission...
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    You Can't Keep Those Pigtails Down

    Wow 70mph and no serious injuries. Must of had Devotion Aura, Greater Defense Potion, Powerword Fortitude level 30, and Divine Intervention! Nerf Trucks please. Seriously, glad to hear that you are both ok. Praise the lord for his protection and I pray for a speedy recovery physically...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.
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    Cloth Set: Intellect, +Damage, +Shadow Damage

    I only have damage meters, but one of the pallies in my other guild has a differnt tracker that also keeps up with % overhealed. I'll get the name of his tracker and post it. No, meters don't neccessarily prove who the better healer is, but it can absolutely be used to measure healing...
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    Cloth Set: Intellect, +Damage, +Shadow Damage

    I'm not very familiar with the shadow tree so please excuse my ignorance.:o How does the shadow priest compare with that of a warlock or mage as far as damage capacity is concerned? I've never seen a shadow priest anywhere near the top of the damage meters in the upper instances, yet I...
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    Fully Regen Priest Armor Set

    Great post. Thanks. Outfitting a priest has been the most confusing thing I've done in game yet. So many differing opinions about +int, +spirit, +healing, +mana regen that it quickly turns into a cloudy grey muck of icky stuff. I had a rather enjoyable conversation with Wend last night...
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    Elite Quest - looking for group

    Well... I didn't see anyone around my level on Saturday. No worries. I did a pickup group and got my Deadmines quests done.
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    Elite Quest - looking for group

    Thanks for the replies all. Saturday is great with me if that's most convenient for everyone else. The only "can't do" nights I have are Tuesdays and Fridays. So far it looks like we have a warrior, mage, rogue, and priest. Shouldn't be too hard to pick up a 5th. Thanks again, and I'm...
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    Elite Quest - looking for group

    Hi folks, I'm Chris. I'm new to The Forgiven and have gotten my Dwarf Priest ready for Van Cleaf (Deadmines). Just wondered if it would be possible to get 5 guildies of an appropriate level to do Deadmines with me sometime Thursday night, or Saturday. I'm level 16 as of the time of this...
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    What does it mean to you to be one of The Forgiven?

    WoW... great thread. I'm completely new here, so I have no clue what it means to be part of "the forgiven" as it relates to WoW. In the real world, being part of "the forgiven" has meant freedom. Freedom from the sins of my past and from that person that I use to be. Freedom to lay my head...