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    Beta Test Night of Legend in two weeks!

    I am going to try and make it tonight. My TF2 has been messing up recently so we will see if it kicks me again like it has been lately.
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    map rotation

    I do think having more stock maps will bring a few more people, I don't think that is the main reason why our server isn't as popular destination compared to most. Besides a custom map every once and awhile is a nice break. I think the main reason is going back to not having anyone on the...
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    happy birthday
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    STA Match - Tuesday May 12

    Have my last finals Tuesday night so I will not be there. Sorry.
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    Announcing Custom Map Night!

    I really like 2fort, ya but if you play on an instant spawn server with 28+ people no one will win until like 8 hours later. I only got to play cp_freightyard and pl_mill_b5. I liked freight yard, it is a nice small map. Did anyone else find the 2nd route that went directly under the 2nd cap...
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    Announcing Custom Map Night!

    Thanks gerbil for all the hard work you put into setting up this first map night. I was only able to play on the first 2 maps before i had to leave. I really like the first map and the second was OK. How many maps did you all get to play last night?
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    TF2 Competitive Play - Sign up here

    Best Classes: Demo, Engineer, Soldier, Medic, Spy, Pyro average at the rest of classes and will play if needed. Best Night for Matches: If I told you now it would probably change in a week or so with school getting out and working more. Preferred Type (League or Ladder): League Preferred...
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    Refocus and League Play

    At your service :) School gets out in a week and a half and once I am finished with this semester I will be more free to play on game nights. After I fix my computer. A league sounds like it would be fun and I think we would have a good team if we can get the people and get some practices in.
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    New to TF2...

    Wow the orange box for only 10 bucks that's a steal. Welcome to TF2!
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    The Orange Box, only 10 bucks!

    Usually you can find quite a few people from toj online on the weekends. On the weeknight there are usually 2-4 of us that play on the cc servers.
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    Huzzahs are in order

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    The person below me part two....

    True. The person below me is going to watch the NFL draft today.
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    TF2 Patch: Hints at Huge Gameplay Changes

    I agree. I am excited to see what these updates might bring that is new to the game but scared at the same time that they will mess up more then they benefit. With all those different grenades it is going to make it hard to play engineer. If you get multiple grenades thrown at your sentry at...
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    TF2 Update Gwah?

    Maybe there are going to be multiple weapons for classes and you can only have 2 per class??? :confused: So you will have to delete one if they come out with another new weapon....I don't know there really doesn't seem like a point to deleting a weapon permanently to me. I am going to be pushing...
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    Happy Birthday
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    Server Additions

    I think the limit of 4 per class is great, I really don't think it will be that big of a deal b/c there is only 10 people per team. Also like the new auto balance feature, although i have not used it yet I think it is a good feature.
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    Next TF2 Class Pack: "Wave goodbye to yer head!"

    One thing is for sure you will not be seeing me play sniper on this update or ever, if you do you should be wondering who has hacked into my account. I am excited for all the other class updates, wonder what they all will be. Some new guns would be nice. I wonder if they are going to make some...
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    My sister got a Toshiba Satellite for Christmas this past year and so far it is a pretty nice computer. She only uses it for surfing the web and schooling, I would recommend this computer. I was pretty amazed at what she got for what she paid. That is the only experience that I have with...
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    March 13, 2009 - TF2 Update

    Thank goodness, I am so tired of being bonked, but its still going to be a problem. There was someone on a server a few days ago when i was playing that you could not hit because he was somehow able to keep drinking the energy drink every few seconds. He was no real threat except when he used...
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    TF2 02/24 Scout Update

    Aww man that's disappointing but understandable. I still think it will be fun to use once I unlock it but I might end up sticking with the pistol for long range situations.