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    Co-GL Election Time! - Nominations

    I would like to chip in a nominee of Goodwone or Shagz, even though they are both already nominated. :D
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    Guild First Halion and ICC 10 Hardmodes

    Congrats everyone!
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    Heading out for the CT Scan

    I'm praying for you my friend.
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    Guild First!! LK DOWN!!

    Great job Redeemed!
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    Know what I have not seen around here lately...

    QFT. I am going to have to ask you for proper identification, if you fail to provide it you will be deported from Arizona... er Stonemaul.
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    Know what I have not seen around here lately...

    Nothing wrong with a good can of spam. Mini me likes spam!
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    New Signature

    Silly Night Elves, should have rented out a bigger billboard.
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    Feral Druids (Bear)

    One thing of note, at least from my minimal tanking experience as a bear tank. I have 2 bars setup, but mainly just use the one for all purpose tanking. But one of them I have all my major abilities macro-ed in with maul. Great help for AOE tanking and also taking care of not having to worry...
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    Feral druids (Cat)

    Taking a look at your DPS rotation, it seems to me that you are losing a huge chunk of initial DPS by the way you are doing your rotation. I find feral DPS is more of a priority system instead of a set rotation. Here is how I open things: 1. Faerie Fire 2. Mangle 3. Savage Roar 4. Rake 5...
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    I just got back my hacked account this morning. Spent an hour on hold in the queue, but finally made it through, they gave me back the account, and all seems well again. I am not too worried about the items he lost, as they were all from TBC, and the hacker did level mining for me up to 450 :D
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    Prayer Requests

    Please pray for some family members of mine, they are heavily into drinking and now the police are involved along with child services.
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    Just Wanted to Say

    I actually have a nice, plastic spoon with the face of the kool-aid guy on it. Great part is, you can toss it in the freezer and it changes color! My kids hate it. And I think of Goodwone as a mother hen carrying around her broom to smack us all around, hopefully I stay quick enough on my feet...
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    SC 2 guest passes

    Ok, the 2 I currently have at home are sent to Joshinator (Josh is an awesome name! Yes, I am bias :P) and Gala
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    SC 2 guest passes

    I have some available if anyone would like one (or more)
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    Your participation is required.

    If it was really a pie, it would be called "cheesepie" not "cheesecake"! :p
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    NDA is lifted!

    Hmmm, wonder if this will be enough to make me renew my account!